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Family and Child Tier I
Trainer: Ann Bagley

Cultural Issues Tier II
Trainer: CeCe Norwood

Serv. for Birth Parents Tier I
Trainer: CeCe Norwood

Waiting Children There are wonderful children waiting to be adopted today. Browse their profiles here... Success Stories View the stories of families that have had their lives transformed by choosing to adopt. Get Involved Now! Children and families need your help. See what you can do to help today!

A child with special needs … needs you.

Adopt America Network is dedicated to helping place children with special circumstances, whether they are physical, emotional or something else (for instance, older children and/or siblings). Our placements are even more vital when you consider these small souls are the innocent victims of painful loss, neglect and abuse.

We believe that every child deserves a safe, loving, permanent family and home of his or her own, and that this foundation is essential to the well being and mental health of any human being. There is simply no substitute for the unconditional support, experiences, lessons and love that a family can provide.

At AAN, we know that for every special child, there is an equally special family and home out there. Unfortunately, there also is an average wait of almost four years in foster care. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes to find the special families willing to adopt and care for these special children.

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