Ashlyn, Carl, Lasciel, & Cathryn


Ages: Ashlyn-15 years old, Carl-13 years old, Lasciel-11 years old, Cathryn-9 years old
ID #: WWKMS9156A-D

Ashlyn is an outgoing and vibrant young lady. She loves to read and enjoys going to the library. Ashlyn is helpful around the house and will do any chore you give her! Ashlyn enjoys watching TV and loves to sing and dance. Ashlyn just finished her 9th grade year and really enjoyed her art class. She loves to talk and loves going out to do things, especially shopping! Ashlyn does need supervision in stores as she was recently caught hiding a candy bar in her pocket.

Carl is an active and funny young man. Carl loves to talk and loves to stay busy. You can find Carl playing outside or helping in the yard. Carl likes to impress others and always knows about the latest shoe fashion. Carl is getting ready to start 8th grade and is enjoying his summer break. Carl loves to debate things, so a family that can support his inquisitiveness would be great!

Lasciel loves to smile and act silly. She is an open book and very talkative. She is very inquisitive about everything in the world and is always open to learning. Lasciel loves playing outside and always has fun with whatever she is doing. Lasciel likes to have friends at school and sometimes focuses on how to fit in with others. She just finished 5th grade and really enjoyed playing on the basketball team and singing in the choir.

Cathryn is very active and enjoys going outside to play with her skateboard and other kids. She also enjoys coloring and loves anything to do with animals. Cathryn is very chatty and silly but is also still very innocent. She participated in summer school to retake the 3rd grade state reading test. She participates in tutoring for reading throughout the school year.

The girls would like to remain in contact with their other siblings and current foster parents.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Ashlyn, Carl, Lasciel, and Cathryn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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