Siwy Family


Meet Louis & Cheryl Siwy. Cheryl has had 10 years of consistent employment as an accounting analyst. Louis is a General Contractor that is very talented in constructing and building anything within a home’s interior or exterior. The Siwy’s are a loving, caring, happy, and busy family that enjoys the outdoors. They  frequently travel and camp in their 40’ RV. They also love fishing on their boat.

They spend as much time as they can with their large family including young nieces and nephews that they adore. They recently fostered an 8-year-old boy that they planned to adopt, however, he was reunified with his family. They have always wanted to have kids that they could share all their experiences with and take them places that they have loved while growing up. Children in their home will never want or need for anything, especially love and attention! 

Louis & Cheryl are willing to consider up to two children, Caucasian, male,  between the ages of 4-11 with any of the following special needs:

ADD, ADHD, Adjustment Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Asthma, Attachment Disorder,
Depression, Developmental Delays, Eating Disorders, Emotional-Mild ,Moderate, & Severe, Enuresis, Failure to Thrive, Hyperactivity, Learning Disability, Mood Disorder,
Physically Abused, PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, & Sexually Abused

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