Janes Family

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Meet Jedadiah & Jennifer Janes, and their three children, Logan, Mya, & Weston!  Jedadiah is a Maintenance Technician. Jennifer has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has provided counseling services as well as taught college psychology classes in the past. Jennifer now devotes her time to focusing on their children. The family made the decision to homeschool their children and Jennifer spends her time investing into the academic development of their children. The Janes family loves to have fun! They really enjoy playing games together. They treasure their family time and participate in a variety of activities together!

The kids love to participate in the homeschooling co-op, playdates, and lots of sports/activities through the community recreation commission. They enjoy walking, biking, trips to the zoo and museums, and to explore new places together!  The Janes family is very eager to grow their family through adoption! Jennifer’s parenting goal is to raise children who are kind and happy. They have so much joy, love, and attention to provide to the child that joins their family!

Jedadiah & Jennifer are willing to consider one child, any race, female, between the ages of
0-10 with any of the following special needs:

ADD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Asthma, Autism, Blind, Cerebral Palsy-Mild, Deaf, Depression, Developmental Delays, Diabetes, Drug Exposed, Eating Disorders, Emotional-Mild &
Moderate, Encopresis,  Enuresis, Epilepsy,  Failure to Thrive, FAS, Heart Murmur,
Hydrocephalic, Hyperactivity, Learning Disability, Macrocephalic, Missing Limbs, 
Mood Disorder, Muscular Dystrophy,  Non-Ambulatory, Paralysis,
Physically Abused, PTSD, Quadriplegia, Scoliosis, Seizures, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sickle Cell, Spina Bifida, Tourette Syndrome, & Tube Fed.

 For more information on the Janes Family, please contact Sara Micham at smicham@adoptamericanetwork.org or Christy Holtz at choltz@adoptamericanetwork.org

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