Gath Family

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Meet Mark and Deborah and their beautiful family!  Mark and Deborah love their children. They have extensive experience raising children with special needs! Their lives revolve around family activities. They enjoy a variety of activities which include sports, fishing, gardening, playing games, bowling, swimming and skating. It has been their desire to have a large family comprised of biological and adopted children. Mark and Deborah have experience raising adopted, birth, and foster children. They have adopted many times and look forward to adding more children to their family!

Mark & Deborah are willing to consider a single child or a sibling group of 4 of any sex and any race between the ages of 0-18 with any of the following special needs:

ADD, ADHD, Adjustment Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Asthma, Attachment Disorder, Autism, Blind, Cerebral Palsy/Mild, Conduct Disorder, Deaf, Developmental Delays, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, Drug Exposed, Emotional– Mild & Moderate, Encopresis, Enuresis, Failure to Thrive, Heart Murmur, Hyperactivity, Learning Disability, Legal Risk, Mental Retardation-Mild & Moderate, Mood Disorder, Non-Verbal, Physically Abused, PTSD, Seizures, Sexually Abused,  and Tube Fed

For more information on the Gath Family, please contact Sara Micham at or Christy Holtz at


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