12 Years

ID # WWKWG 8616

Amber is outgoing, active and enjoys a good competition. She is a lovable child who has a very kind heart. Amber enjoys being outside, swimming, drawing pictures, and watching TV. Some of her favorite animals are a rabbit, dog, and a cat. In addition, when Amber grows up she would like to be able to help animals. Amber is learning how to cope with her frustrations and establish a consistent daily routine. She thrives when those around her are very patient and are able to give her a great deal of attention. Amber enjoys school and does well with a smaller, more concentrated classroom where she can receive extra monitoring and support services.

The adoptive family should be able to dedicate a lot of time, attention, and patience to help Amber reach her fullest potential. The family should have experience or knowledge of parenting children who have overcome turbulent pasts. In addition, the family must ensure that Amber is able to receive all the necessary support services that she may need to help her address her emotions both now and in the future. The family should have a strong female role model and be understanding that Amber may have difficulty establishing a relationship with a male parent.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Amber or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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