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16 years

Logan is a sweet and caring sixteen year old boy. He enjoys typical teen activities such as being on the internet and using Facebook. Logan tends to be very eager to learn when it involves activities that require him to use his hands. Some of these activities include origami, carpentry, taking things apart and learning how to put them back together. Logan appreciates when others listen to what he has to say and make the effort to remember it.

Logan needs a family that will help him improve his social skills and better understand boundaries. He also needs a family that is able to closely supervise his hygiene and electronic activities. Logan also has contact with his sister so he will need a family that understands the importance of maintaining family connections and are supportive of this.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Logan or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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