darrion 2

15 years


Darrion would like families to know, “Sometimes I need time by myself.” He can be a quiet and reserved teen. However, once Darrion warms up to new people he can be very kind and chatty. He is very courteous and strives to do the right thing. Darrion likes to play video games, with his favorite being the Star Wars and Pokémon games. At school, he enjoys his science class because he likes learning about different ecosystems. He likes to play outside, watch movies and play card games. He also likes both playing and watching sports. Darrion noted that he would like to be a computer programmer or video game designer when he grows up. Darrion can struggle following through with directions and will become frustrated when things don’t go his way. Darrion has a good heart and has been able to improve his social skills and form strong bonds with peers through additional guidance and support. He will tend to keep things to himself, but has made great strides in his willingness to discuss his feelings and utilize positive coping mechanisms. Darrion is actively involved in support services to help him process and cope with his past experiences. At school, Darrion benefits from additional support to help him reach his fullest potential. He tends to perform better in a smaller class setting where he can receive individualized attention. Darrion would like to have a forever family that will go on vacations, visit arcades with him and most importantly be at his side. Darrion is in need of an adoptive family who will be patient and provide him with a lot of organization and positive redirection. The family should be very encouraging and positive with Darrion to help him achieve his goals. It will be important that an adoptive family is understanding that Darrion will need some time to get to know a family before he is able to open up to them. Darrion has a close bond with his three younger siblings, who are placed separately, and they have consistent monthly visits. The family must be an active advocate for Darrion’s medical, emotional and educational needs. Darrion will need support as he grows into adulthood and learns independent life skills. The ideal adoptive family can give him consistency and support.

To adopt Darrion or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at adoption@adoptamericanetwork.org We’re waiting to hear from you.

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