8675- Makhi - OH - Photo

10 years



Makhi is a very energetic young man who loves to be silly and mischievous. He enjoys spending one on one time with his caregivers playing board games and doing word puzzles. He is an accomplished jigsaw puzzler and will sit long periods of time working on a challenging puzzle. Makhi responds well to praise and encouragement as well as undivided attention.

Makhi has experienced much trauma during his childhood and is working hard to overcome it. He is working on controlling his temper and keeping his hands to himself. Makhi would benefit most from a household that is very structured and has a consistent routine. He will need a highly experienced and supportive family to help him reach his full potential.


To adopt Makhi or any other child with special needs, please contact America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at We’re waiting to hear from you.

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