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Adopt America Network’s Mission

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, Adopt America Network (AAN) is committed to improving the lives of adoptable children throughout the United States who are in the foster care system by placing them with permanent, loving families. AAN uses a national network of public agencies, private agencies and volunteer adoption specialists.


Adopt America Network was founded in 1983 by Richard K. Ransom, who also founded Hickory Farms. Mr. Ransom has dedicated his life to helping children and, since he established AAN, more than 4,100 special children have found homes and families through the network. AAN is now helping to place around 200 children from U.S. foster care with loving, permanent parents each year.


Adopt America Network partners with hundreds of public and private organizations across the country, matching waiting children with eager families.

The services AAN provides to agencies and adoptive families include, but are not limited to:

  • Family/child registration/matching services
  • Parent training classes
  • Internet family registration services
  • Pre- and post-adoption services
  • Family recruitment events
  • Family support groups
  • Family pre-adoption training
  • Referrals to community services
  • Home study services
  • Respite care referral
  • Family grants for home studies
  • Adoption awareness activities/events
  • Individual and family counseling services

Able and Experienced

When children’s lives are literally hanging in the balance, you need to know that the nonprofit you support can deliver on its good intentions. Rest assured, Adopt America Network effectively and efficiently finds families, matches and places children with the right families, and provides the pre- and post-adoption support needed for the children and families to form lasting bonds.

Since 1983, AAN has successfully helped to place over 4,100 children in loving homes. Our rate of successful, permanent placements is extremely high at 93-94% (the national average is 80-85%).

Cost Effectiveness

A national network of volunteer adoption specialists, skilled and experienced team leaders, and current technology allow Adopt America Network to use every dollar you give as wisely and as efficiently as possible. In 2011, 88%, or roughly 90¢ of every dollar spent, went directly to programs helping the children. (See our most recent Annual Report)

AAN provides the full range of pre- and post-adoption services for an average of $5,000 per child matched – substantially below other agencies’ costs.

You can take pride in being a part of one of the leading nonprofits that is successfully and responsibly changing children’s lives.

Recent Accomplishments

By the end of 2013, AAN will have helped to place over 4,100 children from the foster care system with loving, permanent families.

AAN also continues to be successful in finding homes for the hardest-to-place children:

  • Sibling groups – Of the 860 children placed from 1/1/2001 to 10/31/2011, 529 (62%) were members of a sibling group.
  • Teens – 229 (27%) were children 11 years and older.
  • Emotional issues – 611 (71%) of the children placed had emotional issues.
  • Physical challenges – 507 (59%) had physical challenges.

AAN is an MEPA-Compliant Agency

Adopt America Network employees and contractors maintain compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, 25 U.S.C.A. 1901, et seq. The Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 as amended by Section 1808 of the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, 42 U.S.C. 622(b)(9), 671(a)(18), 674(d) and 1996(b) (hereinafter “MEPA”) and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000d, et seq., as they apply to the adoption process (hereinafter “Title VI”), do not supersede the provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978.

AAN also abides by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ Non-discrimination Requirements for Foster Care and Adoptive Placements.
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