13 years

ID# WG9025

Chloe would love to have a family that will introduce her to new activities, hobbies, and interests. While she knows how to swim and enjoys it, she would like to be introduced to other sports. She looks forward to participating on teams where she could have the opportunity to learn to play with other kids who are also beginners. Currently her favorite pastime is creating craft projects, especially beading. Her favorite projects use Perler beads and she has lot of fun designing unique creations. Chloe is also interested in learning how to sew!

Chloe, who is in 7th grade, reports that she loves the social aspect of school; she has made quite a few friends! While she hasn’t yet fully embraced the academic aspect of school she does say that English is her favorite subject, and she’s doing well in that class. She reports that she doesn’t enjoy math or science. Having an adoptive family that could encourage her  interest in learning and help her build upon what she does enjoy would be great for Chloe.

Among Chloe’s strengths are her openness and willingness to talk about her thoughts and feelings and whatever difficulties she may be experiencing. Chloe is very good at communication when the significant adults in her life take the time to talk with her and to listen to what she has to say. Chloe is open and honest about her feelings and emotions, and is willing to discuss what she needs to work on.

At school and on the home front Chloe wants to have a designated quiet, private spot to go to when she feels overly stimulated. Chloe likes to have alone time to decompress when needed and she is very good at recognizing when she needs this space and quiet time. Chloe thoroughly enjoys counseling and sees her counselor regularly. Chloe’s willingness to make behavioral changes and to seek solutions are two of her most important strengths.While Chloe’s development is age-appropriate in many aspects, emotionally she is younger than her peers in her current ability to process her emotions and feelings of frustration. Chloe is very willing, though, to work with her counselor and other important adults in her life to increase her social abilities and responses to other people.

Chloe’s social worker wants to hear from couples and single moms who will make sure that she has a stable, consistent, daily routine with clear rules, expectations, and limits, and consequences that have been discussed with her ahead of time. A family who will welcome the opportunity to be a mentor when Chloe needs to talk and share what’s on her mind would be wonderful for her. Chloe could do well as the only child in the home or the youngest of one or two older siblings, especially sisters. If you are a family that enjoys lots of interests and activities and would enjoy helping Chloe expand her horizons, you may be a good fit. Contact us soon to learn more about Chloe!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Chloe or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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