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Joy is social and loves to laugh and make jokes! She enjoys talking to adults and “show-and-telling” her favorite belongings. A big Winnie the Pooh fan, Joy especially loves to share her stuffed Pooh bear, which is her favorite comfort item, and showing off the Winnie the Pooh items that decorate her bedroom. Joy enjoys arts and crafts and her favorite subject in school is Art! One of her favorite foods is pancakes, but she would not be thrilled to find a piece of raw broccoli waiting on her plate, ever – it is definitely not a favorite. Joy loves going roller skating, watching movies, playing in the park, and singing. She also likes going swimming and riding her bike. She also loves decorating for holidays, dressing up, shopping.She will need a family that is flexible to accommodate behavioral issues such as tantrums which delay plans and schedules.  And, will get her to private OT and SLP, the therapist and her psychiatrist. She really wants a family and to be adopted. She has alopecia, so she has no hair!   She hats and a wig, but prefers not to wear them.

Joy needs an adoptive family who can advocate for her needs at school. Fortunately, she has a strong IEP that will serve as an excellent template for her in a new school. For the 2015-2016 year, Joy is in a 7th grade program where she qualifies for special services; she has an IEP to address her learning and development in the areas of speech, small motor, adaptive/social/emotional, writing, reading, and math skills. Joy’s school has found a number of ways to help her be successful, including using a laptop that uses an application called “Co:Writer,” a word prediction program, for keyboarding assignments.

Over the past year, Joy has been working to learn more about how to take care of her basic needs. She is able to do a number of tasks with little to no assistance! This includes bathing, brushing her teeth, and picking out her clothes. She is also learning about simple money management. By being paid to help with chores, she is gaining skills in purchasing and making change, etc. She likes the concept of earning tokens for positive reinforcement and turning them in at the end of the week to earn money for special activities or money. She responds to structure, routine, concrete rules, expectations, and limits.

Joy is now in counseling to help her to work through her feelings of grief and the significant losses she has experienced. She is also learning how to deal with her feelings of frustration. She is sad and confused about not being with her parent, but does want to be adopted. She also has a twin that she misses and speaks with over the phone every day. Joy is also very upset and frustrated about the abrupt disruption of her adoptive home that was due to her adoptive parent’s sudden and serious health issue.

Joy needs a family who is ready to be an involved part of her life now and in the future. They will find her Positive Support Plan through DDA hugely helpful as it outlines the most effective responses and strategies to compliment Joy’s needs. Joy’s social worker wants to hear from patient, nurturing couples and single parents who have experience and skills in parenting, teaching, counseling, or fostering children who have challenges similar to Joy’s. Having strong support from family, friends, and educational and developmental services, as well as social resources in the community will be important in helping her adoptive family remain committed to her throughout her adolescence and to help determine the best plan for her as she reaches adulthood.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Joy or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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