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Joy’s name is indicative of the kind of person she is – purely joyful. A naturally social and funny girl, Joy loves to laugh and make jokes. She is well-liked by all of the people in her community, and it is clear to see why. She is happy, positive, and passionate about the things in her life.

Joy is the biggest Winnie the Pooh fan around. She loves to share her stuffed Pooh bear, and show off the Winnie the Pooh items that decorate her bedroom. Joy even has a Winnie the Pooh blanket that she keeps close to her as often as possible. Joy has recently discovered the wonder of her local library, and is enthusiastic and responsible about the books she checks out. Joy is really organized when it comes to her borrowed items and always keeps close track of when each book is due back. Joy likes to research the latest and greatest Disney and Winnie the Pooh books and then order them into the library to read and enjoy.

When she isn’t busy reading books, you can find Joy falling in love with movies – of a certain genre, that is! While you can’t convince her to watch an action film, Joy is happy to watch every new Disney movie (especially if it’s Winnie the Pooh related!) and glorious romance films, as long as there isn’t too much kissing! Movies are even more special when viewed in a theater, enveloped by the smells of popcorn and the impressive technology of surround sound. Recently, Joy took her very first public bus ride to visit a new movie theater across town and loved the experience! In the future, Joy is interested in navigating the bus system on her own, especially if she has a tech-tool like a smartwatch or a phone to help assist her. The world is full of adventure, and Joy is ready to embrace it.

Joy absolutely loves school and is an amazing student. She is well-liked by her teachers and peers and enjoys almost all of her classes. Joy is more than a student; she is an active participant at her school. Joy helps distribute mail to staff, assists with cleaning the lunchroom, and packs sack lunches for other students.

Roller skating, playing at the park, going to the YMCA, and singing along to classic Disney songs are a few more of Joy’s favorite things to do. Also on her list? Food with lots of flavor and pancakes, of course.

Joy would really like to be adopted. Joy needs a family who is ready to be an involved part of her life now and in the future. We would like to hear from patient, nurturing couples and single parents who have experience and skills in parenting, teaching, counseling, or fostering children. Having strong support from family and friends, as well as social resources in the community will be important in helping her navigate her teen years. Joy keeps in touch with her sister and brother and would appreciate a family who will help her nurture those bonds throughout her life. Any family would be lucky to have Joy in their lives. If you are interested in learning more about her, let us know! Joy will bring a lot of love and happiness to her adoptive family.


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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Joy or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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