8847 - Rheanna - WA - Photo

16 years


Rheanna, who goes by Anna, is affectionate, endearing, and very artsy! Drawing, writing, and listening to music are among her favorite pastimes. She is also very articulate and a great writer. While she can be pretty quiet at first, she relaxes once she gets to know people. Rheanna is very bright and adept at using technology. An outdoorsy girl, horseback riding is the only sport she truly enjoys, perhaps because it brings her close to nature, which she loves.


Rheanna is a hard worker who is focused on her academic performance.  She is a smart girl who is learning to believe and have confidence in herself and her abilities.  She is an engaging and social teen who enjoys spending time with classmates and peers.

Rheanna has good self-awareness. She has been developing tools and strategies to express her thoughts and feelings. It will be important for her adoptive parents to be supportive of utilizing their community resources as she transitions into her new family and in the future.

Rheanna wants to be in an adoptive home. Her worker would love to hear from couples and single moms who are well versed in providing support to teens. Positive parenting, mentoring, and a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies will help Rheanna learn new ways of responding to her life experiences and grow emotionally and behaviorally.  Rheanna wants a family to share her talents and interests with; a family that will encourage her to keep reaching. If you are a family who will welcome the opportunity to see that Rheanna has the supports she needs to navigate the rest of her adolescence and prepare herself for a success as a young adult, please contact us today.


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Rheanna or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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