13 years



Zerendity is a delightful young lady with big dreams of having an adoptive home where she will have that wonderful sense of belonging and acceptance that comes with having a warm, nurturing family. Zerendity truly wants to be a valued part of the family chosen to adopt her. Zerendity loves being around animals, so she would be especially amenable to having a rural family. One day, Zerendity hopes to be able to volunteer at an animal shelter or to have some such community involvement. Zerendity tells us that she is happy and excited about the positive feelings that she has as she continues to work on her past life experiences and prepares for adoption.

Zerendity enjoys many different activities, such as swimming, jumping on trampolines, going to camp, baking, reading, riding her bike, playing football, singing, and hanging out with friends. Zerendity loves to help others with various things that need to be done and makes an effort to be polite and well-mannered. She notes that she can sometimes be shy when she meets new people.

In school, Zerendity appreciates having extra academic supports for math, reading and writing.

While Zerendity is a people pleaser who does well with positive behavioral management techniques, she has the usual age-appropriate adolescent behaviors. She worries about what others think about her and requires guidance in making positive peer choices. Fortunately, she is responsive to participating in resources that promote social skills building and to supervised guidance from her caregiver(s) in increasing her social skills.

Zerendity enjoys her regular counseling sessions where she is gaining insight into how her choices can affect others and learning how she can make positive behavioral choices. Counseling is also helping to lessen her feelings of sadness and other emotions that may emerge while working on gaining valuable life skills. Zerendity views this progress as essential in being able to be successful in an adoptive family, which is what she wants most of all. Having an attentive parent nearby to coach and mentor her as she is developing these life skills will give Zerendity important support going forward.

Zerendity would love a family with a single mom, two moms or a mom and dad who are supportive of the LGBTQ community. She would do well as an only child. She wants her new parent(s) to know that she especially enjoys camping and making s’mores, and listening to music. She would love being in a forever family where family members do these activities together. She also would like parents who have a good sense of humor. Zerendity wants families to know that she is willing to live anywhere since she is able to stay connected with her siblings through skyping, etc. She is interested in meeting families where she will feel supported and safe while she continues working on her self-development and letting go of past hurtful experiences. She has recently begun to have sibling visits with her two brothers, these are going well. Zerendity is eligible for benefits and support through SSI.

Delightful with big dreams of having a nurturing, loving adoptive family, Zerendity has much to bring to a family, and many strengths and interests to encourage and build upon. If you feel your family may be a good fit, let us know!

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Zerendity or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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