10 years old

ID# WG8803

Kyrie is bright, imaginative, creative, and inquisitive! She enjoys reading and learning, and is very talkative. A regular little explorer when outdoors, Kyrie enjoys swimming, going for hikes, and looking at flowers and birds. She loves animals and enjoys observing and interacting with them. Becoming a Girl Scout has enriched her engagement in all of these activities! It could be wonderful for Kyrie to join an adoptive family that enjoys nature as much as she does. Inside, she is great at playing independently and really enjoys playing with her My Little Pony collection and toy dinosaurs, watching cartoons on TV, coloring, and doing puzzles. Kyrie also enjoys going to parks and playgrounds where she loves to swing and and climb. These are great opportunities, too for her to learn positive ways of meeting and playing with new friends.

Kyrie likes to share special places, such as some of the zoo exhibits, with various adults as well as with peers. Kyrie also enjoys making up stories about what she sees when exploring. Great Wolf Lodge is high on her list of new places to visit! Another special place for Kyrie is church, and she enjoys talking about her beliefs.

Kyrie has settled in well to her new placement. She especially enjoys having a rewards chart for encouragement and motivation. When Kyrie is prepared ahead of time for changes in her day, has lots of routine and supervision, frequent praise, and anticipated rewards and incentives, she feels most safe and secure. When consequences are needed, incremental timeouts tend to work best. Kyrie also benefits from having supports to help her manage her attention issues and restless energy.

In 5th grade for the 2016-2017 school year, Kyrie has strong relationships with her teachers. She is very excited to have homework! Her teacher states that Kyrie is picking up new skills and responds well to positive praise. Kyrie has one of the highest scores in her class in terms of memory and is able to recite learned math skills and spelling words, she has also increased her ability to work independently. Kyrie is benefiting from having various supports as components of her school program, as well as a lot of one-on-one attention.

Kyrie enjoys her participation in counseling where she is making gains in identifying and talking about her feelings, developing tools and strategies to express them in positive ways, and improving her social skills. Kyrie does best when she is given time to process her thoughts. It will be important for her adoptive family to be supportive of using such supports going forward, especially as Kyrie is settling into her new home.

Kyrie wants to share her love of nature, and her creative and inquisitive spirit with her own adoptive family! Her social worker wants to talk with nurturing couples and single moms with good support networks, and who have experience with children who have special needs. Kyrie will benefit from having a parent(s) who can be a strong educational and counseling advocate. Patience, kindness, gentle good humor, and having plenty of time and attention for parenting will be traits that her social worker and Kyrie will value and appreciate. Contact us soon to learn more about Kyrie!

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Kyrie or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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