Age 12


When working with his hands, Daniel is certainly in his comfort zone.

Building – whether with toys, pieces of the outdoors, or in a craft setting – is something Daniel has always been drawn toward. He enjoys the act of construction, and really likes to build relationships through hands-on activities. With a little one-on-one or group time, particularly over a rousing game of “build something,” he is more easily able to connect to people. The act of doing what you love with other people is a really great way to build trust and friendship.

When Daniel makes a special connection, he puts a lot of care into that friendship. This past summer, Daniel went to his school every day to help the school janitor, which is just one example of how kind and dedicated Daniel is to the things and people he cares about. Though definitely a compassionate kid, Daniel knows how to get out and have a good time. He loves to play sports, particularly football and baseball. When not out in the field, riding bikes and playing card games are two of Daniel’s favorite pastimes. It is a sign of how well-rounded Daniel is that he is just as happy speeding down the street on a bike as he is quietly playing a game of cards.

A very social kid, Daniel enjoys being around other people, which is one reason he enjoys school. In 6th grade, Daniel has made noticeable progress in his classes. Science, social studies, writing, and language are all courses Daniel has spent time perfecting. His favorite classes are music and PE – where he can be creative and expend a little extra energy, respectively. As he navigates middle school, extra support in helping him succeed in his classes is a benefit that Daniel will gain from having an adoptive family.

A responsible, kind kid, Daniel is a great member to have on your team.

Daniel pitches in around the house, taking the initiative to help out, particularly when it comes to hands-on tasks like mowing the lawn. Daniel respects the rules and will be a loving addition to any home. A family who prioritizes their faith would be a really great fit for Daniel. Having brothers and sisters — older or younger, or his same age – would also be really beneficial for Daniel! This awesome kid would like to be adopted, and we would really like to help him fulfill that wish. If you are interested in learning more about Daniel, please let us know. Let’s find this bright kid an adoptive family.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Daniel or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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