11 years


Hunter is a fun-loving, active kid who really wants to find his forever family. Energetic and generally in “good spirits,” Hunter loves to be involved in all sorts of activities and is consistently open to trying new things. Fishing, climbing, swimming, hiking, or even just looking for caterpillars – Hunter likes being outdoors. He loves all animals, but especially cats and hamsters, and likes the idea of living on or near a farm in the future. He has taken karate classes in the past and hopes to pick them up again. He also likes music and baseball, his favorite color is turquoise, and like a lot of boys his age, he enjoys playing video games, especially his favorite – Indiana Jones Lego on Xbox. Hunter is in 5th grade for the 2016-17 school year and reports that he likes school, especially science. At school, he benefits from individual attention and instruction, as well as a structured daily routine to stay on task and help regulate his emotions. Hunter will do well in a family that can provide emotional and academic support to encourage him in his education and be an advocate for him as he progresses in school. Hunter likes all kinds of food, particularly tacos. He is really looking forward to being involved in meal planning with his new family – shopping, prepping, cooking – which will also help him learn more about nutrition
and healthy eating. Hunter has enjoyed attending a Christian church in the past with some of his relatives, and wants to continue attending church when he settles into his new family. He also enjoys celebrating the different holidays throughout the year. Hunter has even helped make a list of what he’s hoping for in a family:

•       He is open to living out of state, which would allow him to have a
“fresh start.”
•       He’d like to have other kids in the home, preferably a similar age
(which, according to his worker, could also happen in the future, after a
period of adjustment and settling in).
•       A family who follows him if he leaves when he is upset. He doesn’t want
to be left alone.
•       A family who can be a little stricter at times, with a routine. He wants
to be held accountable.
•       A family who does family activities together (but also enjoys video games).
•       A family who will help him with his homework.
Hunter can’t wait to be adopted. His worker would like to hear from families that can set boundaries, enjoy spending time together, and can provide Hunter with consistent, loving relationships. Hunter would do well in a rural, farm-like home environment with lots of outdoor activities readily available. And while he has said he would like a family with two moms, his worker is interested in hearing from families of any makeup and configuration. If you are a family who would be a good fit for Hunter and want to learn more about this loveable boy, we want to hear from you soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Hunter or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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