16 years


Darien is engaging and has a smile that beams. He likes to spend plenty of time outdoors, but he also loves to be inside watching movies! Some of his favorites include The Lego Movie, Star Wars, and anything with Marvel comic superheroes, like Ironman and Ant-man. He’s into games too, and Minecraft is one of the best if you ask Darien. Tinkering is a definite talent, and even relaxing for him; he often helps fix things around the
home. Naturally, building things with Legos is one of his favorite things to do!
In the past, Darien enjoyed horseback riding lessons. He truly embraced his time with the horses and was very pleased with the skills he developed. This could be something he could benefit from doing again in the future. Darien has a great love for animals and spending time with them is enjoyable and calming. Volunteering at a local animal shelter has been a great way for him to give back, and be involved in the community. Having the opportunity to pet and play with the cats – priceless! Darien can be very sweet and charming and loves to help others. He likes being independent, and proudly keeps his room clean; with some supervision he is able to complete most tasks. Darien is in most ways much younger than his chronological age and does best with supervision and someone to guide him through tasks and transitions. He is doing very well though with a reward system where he can earn points for good behaviors. Currently in 9th grade, Darien has supports that are meeting his needs well. Doing well in school is a great self-esteem boost for Darien! He is able to do his best in a small classroom environment with a structured daily routine with clear rules, limits, rewards for positive behavior, and a caring adult nearby to mentor and coach him when needed. Darien is benefitting from participating in counseling where he is working on enhancing his social skills, learning about relationship skills, and building confidence and self-esteem. Darien also feels comfortable sharing with the caring adults around him, and appreciates their help and support when he’s feeling frustrated or upset. A wonderful fit for Darien will be a family that has patience and unconditional love. Darien will do best with a low-key family with a stable and well-structured routine. He should be the only child in the home, or could do well with older siblings. It would be ideal for his adoptive family to have some experience caring for children or adults with learning needs like Darien’s. He will need a committed family who can advocate for his needs in school and community environments, and provide him with support throughout his life. To learn more about Darien, contact
us soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Darienn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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