8 years


Samantha, who likes to be called Sammy, is a resilient and gentle-hearted young girl who quickly bonds with others. According to her foster parent, Sammy is awesome! She loves to talk and share everything that’s on her mind, and her participation in speech therapy is helping her communicate more effectively and be more easily understood. Sammy especially appreciates adults who really listen and make sure they’ve understood what she’s shared with them. Sammy thrives in the care of nurturing adults who use lots of praise and rewards to encourage her to feel good about herself and to make the most of each day.

Sammy benefits from positive adult attention, developmental role modeling, and high levels of physical activity such as shooting hoops, riding her scooter, and playing in swimming pools (with floaties!). She is fond of stuffed animals, and enjoys playing with her dolls. In the past, Sammy and a close-in-age foster sister developed a nice friendship. They spent long periods of time together playing. They loved putting on plays, singing, and playing outside exploring and building things with the treasures they found.

Sammy feels most secure at home and at school where she has attentive adult supervision. She does best when she has a caring adult nearby to redirect her on the spot as needed. Because in many ways Sammy seems to be younger than her chronological age, she counts on her caregivers, teachers, and child care staff to provide a very consistent daily routine, with simple yet firm rules, expectations, and limits, and one-step directions to help her stay focused. Sammy responds best to firm limits and boundaries and at times requires consistent redirection and instruction. Using visual cues and reward charts have been useful in helping to improve how Sammy interacts socially.

Sammy is well-liked at school where she will be in 4th grade in the fall of 2017. She will continue to benefit from a small-classroom environment, and having supports in place to address her learning and behavioral needs; having such supports help her to be her best. Speech therapy is also an important school resource that is benefitting Sammy. Sammy adores her classroom teacher, and has formed a strong bond with her. An especially good fit would be parent(s) who are knowledgeable about specialized educational resources and child care.

While Sammy’s social worker especially wants to hear from patient, nurturing couples (having one stay-at-home parent could be a great fit), she does not want to miss out on hearing from those single moms and dads who may also have the experience, knowledge, supports, and skills that will meet Sammy’s needs. She could do well as the only child in the home, or as the youngest. Adoptive parent(s) who have a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies, and positive parenting skills will be important for her. A family who will be comfortable with Sammy making progress at her pace, in a nurturing, predictable home would be ideal. If your family would like the opportunity to help Sammy become the best that she can be, and who will love her unconditionally, we want to hear from you soon.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Samanth or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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