16 years


There are so many great ways to describe Zoe! An exceptionally bright, amazing, extremely resilient young lady, Zoe possesses a great sense of humor and is artistically gifted. She is vivacious, engaging and enjoys being independent, and when given responsibility, she takes it seriously. Zoe likes sports; her main athletic interests include kickboxing and volleyball. Zoe is a huge fan of the musician Drake (her amazing drawing of Drake is included here!) and the reality TV star Kylie Jenner. Her favorite TV show is Vampire Diaries. Zoe’s life goals include becoming a public defender and a cosmetologist. Zoe loves makeup and believes it is an art, describing it as “drawing on someone’s face.”

Currently in 10th grade, Zoe is doing well academically and behaviorally. Intelligent and task-oriented with good communication skills, Zoe expresses herself well. Zoe also has a good personality and makes friends easily.

Zoe is appreciative of being able to participate in counseling. She is focused on learning valuable tools and strategies to help her express her feelings and emotions in positive ways, and ways to build better relationships. She likes having the opportunity to share her thoughts and feelings with a trusted adult. It will be important for her adoptive family to be supportive of using such resources especially as Zoe settles into her new home.

Zoe truly wants to have a family of her own and is working on preparing herself for adoption. She’d love to remain in the state of Washington, so her worker especially wants to hear from local families. The family that would be a good fit for Zoe will have parenting experience and a good understanding of adolescents (perhaps through fostering, adopting, or counseling). Zoe may do best with a single mother with older adult children, though other family arrangements will be considered. Adoptive parent(s) who have a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies, as well as positive parenting skills; and who can provide Zoe with a consistent, structured home with reasonable boundaries would meet her needs very well. If you feel this describes your family, contact us soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Zoe or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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