12 years


Ethan is an absolute sweetheart! He has been in foster care since January of 2012. Ethan has made tremendous progress since he first entered care until now in all aspects of his life. Ethan was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome as a young child. When he came into care, he was obese due to poor management of his diet and medication. He is currently at a healthy weight and receiving growth hormone treatments as well as medication to help control his eating. He has been in his current foster home since October 2012 and has done exceptionally well in that placement but there are no plans of making that his forever home. Foster mom said that Ethan likes to help out around the house and that he looks for opportunities to help her.
In the past Ethan has displayed aggression towards adults (mostly); however, foster parents have only mentioned a few instances of aggression as of late. His medication has been adjusted in order to assist with agitation. Ethan does struggles with change, as do most children with Prader-Willi, and he requires a routine and consistency. In the past, he would typically become aggressive when overwhelmed or forced/pressured to do something he does not want to do/feel comfortable doing. He also has a history of running from adults (while in the store, in the parking lot, he has ran out into the road before, etc.) Ethan has also struggled in the school setting because of these behaviors and was removed from the public school system for a time because of acting out towards school staff; however, in the fall of 2015, he began school full time and is doing great! He now attends a transitional day program (very small classroom, lots of one-on-one attention). The school intends to transition him back to the local public school by the end of 2017.
Some of Ethan’s interests are anything SPIDERMAN, coloring, playing video games, the Avengers, playing with his dog, and different types of dolphins. He loves church and even sings in the church choir!
Ethan is a very precious young man. He is capable of completing small tasks like walking his dog, Charlie and providing him water, but does require supervision and direction. He’s a very smart boy and very affectionate. He is extremely bonded to his current foster family and has become quite protective over his foster mom. He may need time to adjust, but with time and the correct supports he can certainly transition into another loving home successfully.
Ethan longs to have permanency in a family that can provide the time and attention that he needs to be successful and for him to finally feel ‘at home’.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Ethan or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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