15 years old

ID# WB9019

Everyone enjoys spending time with someone as funny, charming, and kind as Aden is. Aden is a joy to be around, as verified by everyone from his foster parent to his teachers. Very bright and super talkative, Aden has an active curiosity about the world around him. As he grows up, Aden has added so much to his long list of activities that he enjoys.

As of late, Aden is interested in everything from archery to playing football. Being outdoors, where he can let loose and play, is really important to Aden. His favorite activities include riding his bike with friends, camping trips where he can sleep among the stars, fishing where he can perfect his casting technique, and he hopes, in the future, hunting.

Aden really knows how to balance. When he’s not outdoors, he really likes playing video games and watching TV and movies, especially Marvel movies (Infinity War is the best). Aden has a great sense of humor, which means the majority of his favorite TV shows are all hilarious choices like Ridiculousness, Fantasy Factory, American Dad, and Family Guy. And when he isn’t catching up on the latest Marvel movie, he enjoys throwing on a classic comedy like Happy Gilmore – he’s a big fan of Adam Sandler films.

The YMCA is a comfort zone for Aden, who appreciates spending time with his peers while playing air hockey or pool (which he is really great at). He’s always ready to shoot hoops or even just play Xbox while hanging out at the Y. In general, Aden is pretty sporty. He enjoys throwing a football around, swimming, and engaging in any kind of competitive or physical sport. Community centers—the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club—are great for new experiences skills. Aden especially likes these environments so he can always try something new. Aden also goes to church and attends church activities with peers.

Now in 9th grade, Aden’s most loved subjects are biology and PE. Aden does pretty well in school and is consistently dedicated to improving his grades when necessary. Aden has his sights set on his future, and would actually like to play football in college one day. Aden is highly interested in joining a football league to improve his skills, hoping for the chance to play throughout his high school and college years.

The other aspect of Aden’s character is his style. He really enjoys shopping and dressing nice, particularly when it comes to his shoes. Aden has a large and impressive collection of shoes – basketball shoes are definitely his favorite.

Aden really wants to be adopted. He longs to be a part of a family that can provide the parental time and attention that makes him feel loved and helps him be successful in his future. Aden would especially like to have a dad or father figure and the comfort of a nurturing mom. As a small aside, Aden really wants to have a pet in his life. He would be delighted with a parrot, an English bulldog, or really any dog at all.

If you are a family that would love to have a charming, kind, and humorous young teen in their lives forever, you may be a good fit for Aden. If you are interested in learning more about Aden, let us know! We are thrilled to find him the adoptive family he deserves.


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Aden or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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