16 years


Riley is a big fan of country music, and he enjoys many of the country ways of life too! Some of his favorite activities include loading hay, feeding farm animals, and mucking stalls. He also enjoys other active outdoor jobs like painting, and light construction projects. Having a parent that enjoys carpentry or building things would be wonderful for Riley. Already hooked on fishing, he’s also interested in learning some hunting skills; he’s never been and would love to have an adoptive family who could take him on his first outing. When he’s not working or playing outside, he likes spending some time indoors playing video games. Riley also enjoys having time just to hang out with the friends he’s made at school.

Riley is a bit shy initially but his dry wit and warm smile draw people to him. Riley is very bonded to his current foster parent whom he loves, and thinks of as a grandfather. His foster parent communicates with Riley in a nurturing, caring manner, which is just what helps Riley feel safe and secure.

Riley, who is developmentally right on track, is currently a sophomore in high school. His favorite thing about school at the moment is seeing his friends! Though very capable of working above grade level, he at times can become bored. Positive parental support, especially with homework, and encouragement to do his best academically could provide that extra push for Riley to excel. Because Riley loves working with his hands, an adoptive family who could help him explore his options in a vocational high school setting could be beneficial.

Having a very stable, structured routine at home with clear rules, limits, and consequences that have been discussed with him ahead of time helps Riley feel secure and safe. Riley is quite open to talking about his current feelings and thoughts with the significant adults in his life.

Riley has made important gains by working hard to develop behavioral tools and strategies that are helping him respond to his feelings of stress and frustration in appropriate and positive ways.

A good fit for Riley will be a family (a couple or a single dad) that enjoys hands-on activities and projects. Sharing his love of the outdoors and his enthusiasm for fishing and learning to hunt would be wonderful.

Riley could do well as an only child of the youngest of older brothers.

Contact us soon to learn more about Riley!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Riley or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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