8 Years



Colen is a cute little boy who is quick to laugh and smile! He is very bright in certain areas and able to express himself. He also has a lively sense of curiosity about how things work – tornadoes have his full attention these days, he wants to learn every thing about them. He has a new fascination with clowns! He is having fun drawing them, and maybe even more fun dressing up as one. He will be excited to share this newfound interest with his adoptive family! He’s also currently enjoying gymnastics, and will probably want to show off some of the moves he is learning. Colen loves things with lights! Items like balls that light up or that glow in the dark have worked well as incentives for good choices and positive reinforcements for good behavior. He also loves playing with toy cars like Hot Wheels, and action figures. Colen would love for his adoptive family to help him learn to swim!

Colen is good about expressing how he feels and what he wants. While at times a lengthy process, it is especially important for him to feel heard by those he has come to trust. Colen is open to giving and seeking affection from people he trusts, and he misses his favorite people when they leave.

Colen has a complex set of behaviors. His adoptive parents, teachers and educators will need to make sure he has the supports in place that will help him focus and be attentive, and lessen his impulsiveness. Play therapy may be one of the supports that could engage Colen in learning and developing positive ways of behaving that help him get his current needs met.

For the 2016-2017 school year, Colen is in 2nd grade, where he is in a small classroom that can best meet his overall educational needs. He benefits from having one-on-one attention from teachers, and he’s making good progress, especially in spelling and reading Colen enjoys looking nice for school and enjoys having his hair styled and even, sometimes, his nails painted.

Colen’s social worker envisions patient, warm, kindhearted, nurturing adults who can allow him the time and the space he needs to trust them and form attachments. Colen has formed a bond with one of his female case managers that he interacts with on an almost daily basis, smiling at her and responding to her frequent directions and rewards, and seeking her out for comfort and safety. He has also developed a very positive relationship with his foster dad and his male case aide.

Couples (two moms, two dads or a mom-and-dad) as well as interested single parents who have an especially good understanding of how a child’s early environment can impact his sense of well-being, safety and his overall development could be an especially good fit for Colen. Having a strong repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies, as well as positive parenting skills, to enhance parenting will help Colen continue to grow and develop emotionally and behaviorally in positive ways. In addition, it is very important for him to have a highly consistent daily routine, with simple, clear expectations and limits, as well as lots of one-on-one parental time and attention. Patience, calmness, and the ability to see success in small forward steps will be parental traits that Colen and his social worker will appreciate and value highly.

Click here to see a video of Colen!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Colen or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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