9 Years


Mickee is a very cute little boy with his dynamite smile and great laugh. Although not usually demonstrative, he often gives his caregivers hugs. Mickee, who clearly prefers to be around adults rather than children, is very connected to his foster mom but really likes playing with his foster dad. Some of Mickee’s favorite activities are watching his favorite cartoons and playing on his tablet (he especially enjoys replaying the same scene in a loop). While most toys don’t engage his interest, he likes remote control toy cars. Among Mickee’s favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets and P&J sandwiches.

While Mickee has easily learned basic reading skills and simple math concepts, he has delays which interefere with his social, emotional, adaptive behavior, communication, and cognitive competence. Mickee does best when he has highly structured, consistent environments at home and at school and caregivers and teachers who speak in simple, concrete words and give one-step instructions.

Fortunately, there are various child and family resources to assist Mickee’s adoptive family in parenting and teaching him. Mickee’s social worker will be happy to help Mickee’s family identify such educational and developmental resources in their community. Currently, Mickee is benefitting from his participation in speech and occupational therapies, as well as a specialized educational program.

Mickee can sometimes have difficulty making eye contact which can make it hard to pick up on social cues. There can be a lack of reciprocity, and preference for parallel or independent play instead of engaging with other kids. Mickee does have difficulty with transitions (even small changes can be frustrating for him); long car trips too are challenging for Mickee. Having an attentive, caring adult nearby helps to keep Mickee on track and curb his tendency to want to pick at things, like bathroom tiles.

Mickee’s social worker especially wants to talk with couples and single moms and dads who want to be his growing up family and who can provide the opportunities to help him reach his full potential. An especially good fit would be parent(s) who are knowledgeable about special educational resources. If you are a family with the willingness to reach out to Mickee with patience, kindness, and love, we want to hear from you soon.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Mickee or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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