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12 years


Roman is a bright, social, and friendly boy who is a phenomenal bowler. He earned bowling trophies for having a 150 game, most important player and 300 series. He looks forward to getting back on a bowling team. He also likes soccer and basketball. A good basketball player, he wants to join a team. He is interested, too, in learning to play the violin or piano. A big fan of Pokemon, he enjoys related games. He also likes to create and build with Legos. Reading is a favorite pastime as well, and his favorite series is Fable Haven. Roman loves to try new things and learn new skills, and currently he’s focused on riding a motorcycle or dirt bike. Roman absolutely loves video games and other forms of electronic games. They are great motivators for Roman to earn game time rewards for good behavior, completing homework daily, and complying with rules and expectations.

Roman enjoys 1:1 attention, and is friendly with adults and children at school and in the community. According to a previous caregiver, Roman was often the first to offer to help out when needed. He also offered to help at a recent Special Olympics event. Although he was apprehensive about how he would do as a volunteer, at the conclusion of the games, two of the participants came up to give him a hug. Roman was very pleased (and relieved!) that it turned out to be a good experience. Roman also enjoyed success on a recent cross country flight with his social worker. He consistently followed the dictates of his social worker and the airline’s rules; he was careful to stay where he was told, he monitored his luggage and helped carry his belongings without complaint, and he asked permission before he did anything.

Roman recently graduated from the 6th grade at the end of a successful year. With some 1:1 assistance, he was able (during the first semester) to bring his grades up to Bs and Cs from near failing, and by the end of the school year, his behavior was calm and respectful and “within the normal behavioral range” of his classmates. The school noted that while Roman has some holes in his educational background, he has lots of capabilities.

Roman has benefitted in the past from participating in individual and family counseling to assist him in managing his feelings of anxiety and his symptoms of attention difficulties and restless energy. It is likely that he will benefit from having such support again, especially as he is transitioning into his new adoptive home.

Roman does best and is able to make behavioral gains when rules and expectations have been clearly laid out for him and consequences for noncompliance have been discussed with him ahead of time. Roman has proven to be very responsive to a reward system that is attached to earning electronic gaming time, money, or other privileges such as a special outing or field trip. Roman, who is one of those kids who is used to immediate gratification when he wants something, is learning to delay gratification by doing his homework each day before earning gaming time. Roman, who enjoys lots of 1:1 attention, is working, too, on being better able to share attention on the home front with foster siblings and taking responsibility for his behavior and choices. Although earning a reward for being respectful of the personal space and belongings of others tends to motivate Roman, for him to be able to internalize the need for such behavioral change he really needs to have a caring adult nearby to coach and redirect him when needed.

In his previous placement, Roman regularly enjoyed participating in worship services with his caregiver and preparing for his first Holy Communion. Although he was exposed to the Catholic faith, Roman assured his social worker that he is open to learning about other denominations.

Roman is very open to all interested adoptive families. He says he would be just fine with a single-parent home or two-parent home with a mom and dad, two moms or two dads. He thinks he’d prefer to be an only child, although one or two same-age peers or older teens would be just fine with him. While Roman enjoys animals, it is okay if his new family doesn’t have any. Roman also is comfortable in an urban or rural area, in-state or out-of-state. It is likely that Roman would do well with a strong authority figure in the home, whether a mom or a dad. Roman would especially enjoy a “gamer” family. He would also love to have his own room.

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