13 years


Robert is a friendly boy with a great sense of humor and good self-awareness. He is a fun kid to hang out with! He says he’d prefer to live in a city where he’d have lots of opportunities to play soccer and football, participate in wrestling, and ride his bike. Robert enjoys animals and would love to have family pets in his adoptive home.
Now in 7th grade, Robert would benefit from having parents who will work with him one-on-one! While he has some catching up to do academically, he is diligently moving forward. With the encouragement of his foster mother and educators at school, he’s continuing to make progress.

Robert participates in counseling and is very engaged in the process. He is clearly making emotional and behavioral gains and is using the positive tools and strategies that he has recently developed. He is able to self-regulate and is aware of his own comfort zone and personal space and is sensitive to the personal space of others, too.

Moving forward, Robert will need parents who are committed to supporting him as he works through past trauma and his feelings of grief and loss. His adoptive parent(s) also will need to provide very attentive supervision and be solid role models for healthy, positive boundaries and relationships. Having parent(s) who are strong educational advocates will be very helpful to Robert in his desire to realize his full potential.

Robert would prefer to have one or two moms or a mom-and-dad couple. He has also expressed that he would enjoy having older siblings and, again, a family pet or two in the home would be wonderful. Robert will also be counting on his adoptive family to help him maintain his relationship with his grandmother and siblings, and he hopes to be able to connect with other extended family members as appropriate.

Robert is ready for his forever family. If you feel your family could be a good fit for this fun, self-aware teen, please contact us soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Robert or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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