13 years


Stephen is a precocious, fanciful, articulate young teen who is eager to be part of a family! He has a great sense of humor, strong level of curiosity, and great manners. One-on-one time is really important to him and something he’ll appreciate in his adoptive family. Stephen’s favorite activities include hiking, rock collecting, riding his bike and fishing. When he’s not outdoors, he also likes video games and listening to music.

Stephen loves school and is working on his leadership skills. A bright, articulate individual, Stephen has incredible potential to excel in an academic setting. It is important that his adoptive family be ready to advocate for communication and learning styles that best match Stephen’s needs and to help him continue to make gains. Stephen learns best when information is presented in multiple ways and in small “chunks.” Sometimes, he has a hard time recalling things he has learned in the past. In these situations, he responds well to reminders and lots of cues. Stephen does best in school when he has the opportunity to take breaks, have choices, and alternative ways of learning.

Stephen is benefitting from counseling and will want to continue to participate after joining his adoptive family. It’s an important part of his support system. He has formed a significant relationship with his counselor, and will appreciate being able to continue with this individual. Stephen continues to truly apply himself to developing and practicing new skills to increase his circle of friends and friendship skills.

Stephen has a connection with some members of his birth family. It will be important for his adoptive family to be supportive of helping him to maintain these connections in some way.

Stephen needs adoptive parents who will help him to find positive outlets for his energy. An active family that spends time outdoors and can help him to be involved in the outdoors would be a wonderful fit. Stephen has been learning a lot about himself, and needs a family who will allow him lots of opportunities for self-exploration in a positive, affirming environment. He appreciates reminders of support as well as cues that it is okay to try new things.

Stephen would respond well to a highly nurturing family who is also able to be direct, firm and consistent. Stephen can sometimes be impulsive, so it’s important that he has a proactive family that can anticipate temptations, and respond in a nonreactive manner. Stephen may seem to be very bonded and at other times more distant. It will be important for his family to stick by his side during these times, and also be able to give him the time and space he needs.
His adoptive family can look forward to a bright, caring young teen that is eager to have his own family. He has lots of new experiences to look forward to, so if you’d like to share them with him please contact us soon!


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Stephen or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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