14 years


Dustin has an amazing smile! According to those who know him best he’s a
“great kid” who enjoys spending time with people and is easy to engage in
conversation. Fun and charming with a great imagination, he has lots of
personality and energy. His number one passion by far is sports,
especially football. He loves the Seahawks and knows a lot about many team
members. He also enjoys baseball and soccer. Most all outdoor activities are great for Dustin – he’s a high-energy boy! Dustin tells great stories and often weaves his love of sports into his creative process. An example of his storytelling appears at the end of this profile. Dustin is motivated to make behavioral changes and is making progress. He’s gaining insight as he works to increase his social skills and relationship building abilities. Having much older siblings who could be positive role models for him would give Dustin a boost forward. Dustin is able to self-reflect as he becomes more aware of his own needs and how his behavior affects others. A structured and well-supervised environment has been important in helping Dustin move forward. Dustin really would prefer to be the only child in his adoptive family, but he could do well, too, as the youngest of much a few older siblings. In 6th grade for the 2016-17 school year, Dustin is on track academically.
Dustin is increasingly proud of his performance at school and his successes have greatly boosted his self-confidence! Creative and imaginative, Dustin has a lot to share with his adoptive family! Dustin’s social worker especially wants to hear from mom-and-dad couples who parent with patience, good humor, and can discuss behaviors in matter-of-fact language while remaining firm and consistent with consequences. He needs encouragement and guidance from his new parents who will build upon his strengths. We’d love to hear from active, sports-oriented families who could be a wonderful fit for Dustin!
Dustin’s story:  November 24, 2015
Main character:   Tyler Lockett
Another important person:   The incredible Dustin B.
Once upon a time, there was a kid named Dustin B. He went to this camp in the summer called Fuel up Play 60. He met a Seahawks player name Tyler Lockett, who was a “Speed King.” (This means he is a king of speed and runs very fast, approximately 21 miles per hour!!!) Tyler Lockett played for the Seahawks, which is Dustin’s favorite team in the whole galaxy. On the first day of Fuel Up, Dustin realized that Tyler Locket was there as a receiver coach. Dustin was so glad because he signed up for the receiver position at the camp. One day during camp, Tyler called all the campers together to discuss important life values. Dustin thought that this was extremely cool. One of the really big reasons that Dustin admires Tyler is that he is an exceptional role model and he has a great attitude. Even when the Seahawks lose, Tyler remains positive and focused on the team’s goals. Tyler discussed many values including the importance of working hard, learning, treating others with respect, honesty, and integrity. Dustin felt inspired.
One day at camp Dustin asked Tyler if he could call him a nickname. Tyler
said yes. Dustin said can I call you “Lockett the Rocket.” Tyler said good idea and I am honored. Tyler asked Dustin if Tyler could give Dustin a nickname. Dustin said sure. Tyler said, “I think you are absolutely the RED ROCKET!” Dustin said “WOW! Another day at camp there was a competition to see who runs the fastest.Obviously, Dustin won. So the winner received front row tickets and when Tyler scored a touchdown, he gave the ball to Dustin. Dustin kept it safe in a glass case. Before he did that, he asked the main Seahawks players to sign the ball. The ball is now Dustin’s prize possession. Looking at the ball brings Dustin happy memories.


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