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Quenten, who is thriving in his current placement, is a personable, kind young man. His foster mom reports that she finds his big heart to be one of his very best qualities. Quenten also has a delightful sense of humor and a great laugh. While Quenten enjoys being around other children and is very pleasant and friendly with them, he generally doesn’t play directly with them. There are times, though, when he seems to enjoy interactive play, especially with his foster siblings. His foster mom tells us that Quenten is rarely unhappy and does not have a mean bone in his body.

Some of Quenten’s favorite pastimes are playing games, listening to music, and reading Dr. Seuss books. One of his favorite games is using the bubble machine. He has also had fun playing T-ball and hand games. Quenten enjoys participating in community activities, and always likes going to the theater and restaurants. Being outdoors is one of his favorite places to be and he’s always up for taking walks. Quenten has a healthy appetite for all kinds of food: some of his favorite foods are mashed or baked potatoes, mixed vegetables, and baked chicken. A favorite spot in his foster home is the rocking chair where he loves to sit and rock.

Although nonverbal, Quenten successfully rides the bus to school and attends a full day of classes. To build his communication skills, Quenten participates in speech therapy three times a week and uses a program on his iPad to help him to communicate by pointing to pictures. Quenten has some hearing loss in both ears but it doesn’t slow him down and he seems to be able to navigate around this issue. Once Quenten has been taught a skill, he has no problems remembering what he has learned. He learns directions quickly and follows them very well. Quenten continues to enjoy participating in Life Skills classes at school. He has also enjoyed important success in Choir and PE. In the recent past, he participated in a choir performance where he played the bells and tambourine!

To increase his social abilities, Quenten is engaging in more and more group activities, such as attending weekly dance classes. He has also participated in Special Olympics, and has tried soccer. With his healthy appetite, it should not be surprising that one of Quenten’s favorite parts of his school day is snack time!

His foster parent reports that she enjoys watching him grow in many areas and is sure he will bring a happy heart and smiling face to anyone in his life. Quenten does stay in touch with his grandparents. Following Quenten’s successful adoption, they would appreciate knowing how he is doing with an occasional letter, photo or email.

Quenten’s social worker wants to hear from active, outgoing, personable single moms and couples who live in a community with the kinds of resources and services that help this delightful youth to be successful in his daily life. If this sounds like your family, contact us soon to learn more about Quenten!If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Quenten or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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