9 years


Venjamin is an adorable boy who has touched the hearts of caregivers, teachers, his team of resource specialists, and social workers, all of whom are helping him to develop basic daily living skills. A very consistent daily routine and a gluten-free diet are the basic and crucial components in helping Venjamin have a successful day. He also routinely participates in several developmental therapies. His foster mom adores Venjamin and tells us that he is a sweet boy who deserves the best out of life from caring, committed adoptive parent(s) who will see that he has the services and resources to help him reach his full potential.

Venjamin loves to watch PBS educational shows, play in a fenced yard or playground, and color. Venjamin is most content when playing by himself; when other children are around, he prefers to engage in parallel play. One of Venjamin’s favorite pastimes is manipulating small objects, such as his small toy cars and trucks, and dropping them into a container. He also is enjoying playing in the sandbox and on the trampoline.

Venjamin, who is very observant, does very well with redirection and praise. Having a caring adult nearby to him to redirect him when needed helps Venjamin cope with any stress or frustration he experiences.

Venjamin has done remarkably well in his current placement, where the set routine and consistent parenting have been extremely beneficial to him. His foster mom also helps him with his basic personal care needs.  Venjamin’s foster mom would love to see him adopted by a family that has lots of time and attention to devote to him on a daily basis.

Venjamin’s school program provides occupational therapy, physical therapy for motor skills, communication therapy for sign language, and special supports in adaptive, behavioral, basic living, and social skills. Venjamin, who is working on learning to speak, is able to understand and use a little sign language. Venjamin currently qualifies for case aid assistance through the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Venjamin has an older sister and twin toddler brothers with whom he would like to continue to have contact. It would be wonderful for his adoptive family to be willing to support these important connections.

Venjamin’s social worker wants to hear from couples and single parents with the experience and skills to meet his daily needs. An especially good fit might be an older family that wants to continue parenting now that their own children are grown, and who live in a community with educational and developmental resources nearby. If you want the opportunity to nurture and love this adorable boy, please let us know soon.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Venjamin or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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