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15 years


John is a tall teenage boy with a shy smile. A fisherman at heart, he considers himself a country boy – he loves all things outdoors; fishing, hunting, disc shooting and camping, and his favorite TV show these days, is Duck Dynasty. An active Boy Scout, John is excited to have just earned his Firestarter and Safety badges. He had fun with his troop recently on a camping trip! John is proud to have recently received his First Aid/CPR certification.


John is truly an old soul who loves music from before his time, such as Kenny Rogers. If in the mood he may treat you to a rendition of “The Gambler!” John participated in a work crew last summer where he helped to clean up local parks. He earned some money, and is saving up to buy a kayak! His dream job is to be a game warden with the Fish and Wildlife Department so he can “protect the woods.” His dream dog is a Golden Retriever.


John attributes his love of fishing and hunting to his grandfather’s influence; he often speaks of past fishing and hunting trips with him. John’s grandfather, while not a placement option, is an important emotional connection for him. It will be important for John’s adoptive family to honor this connection.


Now in ninth grade, John is in a mainstream program with an academic and behavioral IEP, and only one period a day for special education. He had huge success last year due to his hard work and placement in a great class with an amazing teacher. John has had no behavior issues this school year, and has been working hard on improving his interactions with peers. His improved academic performance gave his self-esteem a huge boost. John reports his favorite subjects at school are, woodshop, metal shop and PE. This past December, in metal shop, he worked on building an anchor for his boat! He also enjoys his earth science class. He is the first to admit, though, that he struggles a bit with math and language arts.


While he has a hard time reading social cues with kids his own age, he connects really well with adults and seniors. John is maturing and his behavioral growth shows a greater level of personal accountability and greater ease in directing and redirecting him when needed. John is also showing maturity by accepting situations as they are instead of letting the little things get to him. John continues to work on his social skills.

John would like a family that lives in close proximity to the outdoors where he can engage in his favorite activities. His ideal family would be an older couple with adult children. John will need a family that is able to advocate for his needs in the community and school settings. John participates in weekly counseling.


While John’s social worker especially wants to hear from couples, she doesn’t want to miss out on hearing from those exceptional single moms and single dads who have strong support systems of family, friends, and community resources. What is especially important is that John have parent(s) who have a good grasp of how early trauma impacts the sense of safety and well-being, and emotional and behavioral growth of a child. Because John truly enjoys having individual attention from the significant adults in his life, and can respond well to clear directions, expectations, and set time frames, he could thrive in a home as the youngest child.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for John or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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