14 years

ID# WB8781

Darien is delightful, engaging and has a great smile. He is proud of how well he is doing these days!

Darien has a good time playing games with the other kids in his current placement, as well as going on outings with them and caregivers to the YMCA, shopping, or out for meals. He also likes to help with cooking on the home front. Darien’s favorite movies include The Lego Movie, Star Wars, and anything with Marvel comic superheroes, like Ironman and Antman. Darien also likes the game Minecraft. Darien likes to tinker and often helps with maintenance duties around the home. He is very observant of his environment and pays attention to what’s going on and where things are. He is often able to tell others where they put down their pen or other “lost item” when they go looking for it. Genuinely kind and compassionate, Darien is social justice-minded and wants to ensure fairness with others. Darien has shared with his social worker that he would like to be a firefighter when he grows up!


In the past, a favorite activity for Darien was riding horseback. He truly embraced and enjoyed his lessons and was very pleased with the skills he developed. He learned to command his horse to turn, stop, walk, and go and have the commands obeyed. He also had the privilege of riding his horse directly behind the lead horse, which was ridden by one of the trained instructors; pretty exciting stuff for Darien.


Currently in 8th grade, Darien enjoys school very much and is thrilled to be attending school full-time. Doing well in school helps Darien feel good about himself and shows him how manageable his life can be when he has a structured daily routine with clear rules, limits, rewards for positive behavior, time-outs for misbehavior, and a caring adult nearby to mentor and coach him when needed.


Darien attends weekly counseling sessions to discuss any issues or feelings he may have in his life at the time. Darien is working on learning about relationship skills, including identifying his emotions and developing appropriate ways to express and manage them. Darien also shares with the caring adults around him, and appreciates their intervention when he gets frustrated or upset.


Darien’s ideal family will have patience and unconditional love as he functions much younger than his chronological age. It would be ideal if his adoptive family has some experience with caring for children or adults with developmental disabilities. Darien will need lifelong support and a family willing to advocate for his needs in school and community environments. Darien does best with minimal transitions and a well-structured routine. He will likely do best as an only child or the youngest of older siblings.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Darien or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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