14 years

ID# WB8772

Jermaine is a very likeable, sweet, and energetic youth who is a pleasure to be around. His social worker says he is “witty and charming!” Over the years, Jermaine has grown significantly in his behavior and participation at school. Jermaine has high energy and loves outdoor physical activities and family outings. Among his favorite pastimes are riding his bike, playing sports, watching TV, and playing video games. Jermaine tried out for the soccer team and although he didn’t make the team, he continues to enjoy both watching and playing the sport.

With the support of a caring, attentive adult nearby to redirect him as needed and to assist him with conflict resolution, Jermaine continues to grow socially. He is most successful with boys who are a bit older than he is. Jermaine is most often honest and forthcoming, but once he starts to exaggerate, the truth may wander.

In the fall of 2016, Jermaine will be in 10th grade where he is expected to continue to do well academically. He looks forward to again participating in wood shop which has become a passion for him. Jermaine is a concrete learner who benefits from having visual aids to routinely navigate his daily life. Structure, clear rules, limits, and consistency help him stay on track and to experience his life as predictable and manageable. Having adoptive parent(s) who are committed to the educational process and to making sure Jermaine has the resources to continue to be successful in the classroom will be a great fit for him. As part of their educational advocacy, they will likely want to help him explore vocational programs.

Jermaine’s growth and maturity were demonstrated recently when his great-grandmother passed away. Death was thoughtfully explained to him, and he was able to process her passing in healthy ways, which gave him a sense of self-control. Jermaine developed his own coping skills during this time of loss. He found that taking outdoor walks helped him as he struggled with feelings of grief. He continues to use outdoor walks as a way to clear his head when a particular day has been stressful.

At school and at home, clear rules, limits, and consistency, consistency, consistency help Jermaine do well and to feel secure. Jermaine can take direction well and responds to repetitive instruction. He would do exceptionally well with a family equipped with great patience and the willingness to arrange a structured and active environment for him. A family that loves sports and spending time outdoors could be a great match for Jermaine.

Jermaine, who is an enrolled member of his tribe, has been very connected to his Native American culture. He takes great pride in being a member of a local Native American basketball team. His caregivers note that Jermaine appreciates their efforts to help him get involved in tribal activities. While Jermaine wants and needs a family who will support him in participating in his Native American heritage, of greatest importance for Jermaine is to have parents who will love and cherish him. He will thrive in a community that is not extremely urban. Jermaine would benefit greatly from joining a family where he would have an involved, nurturing and attentive father or male role model.  Older siblings could be a wonderful resource for Jermaine as well. Couples and single parents with strong support systems of family, friends, and community resources are all encouraged to contact us.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jermaine or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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