ID# WB8755

9 years

Trenton is very intelligent, lovable, affectionate, and is excelling academically! Fun to talk with, Trenton is bright and has lots of interests. He loves the History and Discovery channels and can discuss in detail what he learned from a program. He also has a mind for how things work mechanically. Trenton loves hugs (he will ask for them!) and will seek affection from his caregivers.

Now in third grade, Trenton is reading at a fifth grade level and is at the top of his class. He excels in math and writing but his favorite subject is Science! He has started eating lunch daily with the special education teacher as what they call a “daily check in.” (Trenton has an IEP for behavior). He has also joined a social skills group that meets weekly and has not had any concerns reported from the school since last fall! He is with a day care provider before and after school.

Trenton likes to be physically active and especially enjoys swimming, bike riding, going to the park, and sports; he recently stated he wants to play football. He loves Legos, building with blocks, and reading. Of course, he enjoys playing video games, but does best when this is limited in both time and content. Video game time can also be used as a powerful incentive with Trenton!

Trenton tends to get stuck on things happening and being a certain way. This includes things like his food being on separate plates or being prepared specific ways. While this may not seem like a major concern, the frequency with which it comes up can be challenging. Trenton needs a family who is patient and able to identify that this isn’t personal. He is also very hungry for attention and gets competitive with peer-age siblings. With that said, it would be best for Trenton to be in a family with more self-sufficient siblings or kids who are comfortable with their brother looking for and receiving lots of parental time and energy.

Trenton’s weekly individual counseling is supplemented with medication therapy and management. He really puts forth a lot of effort and is very teachable with the right interventions in place. Trenton cooperates with taking his medication and with doctor appointments. He does best when he knows ahead of time what is going to happen next. Trenton is making progress through therapy where he is working on identifying his feelings and being able to express them, increasing his awareness of risk and safety issues, and building his social skills. When engaged, he can play an active role in his treatment. Although Trenton has difficulty managing his frustrations in the moment, he is able to process afterwards. He understands the concept of rewards and consequences in relation to his behavior and is receptive to an incentive program, earning toys, Legos, or ice cream.

Trenton’s considerable potential will be best met by a two-parent adoptive family who can provide a low-key environment with structure and routine, 1:1 attention, redirection, and lots of patience, praise and encouragement.  His family needs to be willing to learn new parenting strategies and participate in counseling with him. While Trenton doesn’t have a lot of contact with his siblings, it’s important that his adoptive family maintain a level of openness around sibling contact. Trenton is a fantastic, smart, likeable little person who is eager to find the belonging of a forever family!


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Trenton or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.



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