13 years

ID# WB8740

Ezra is an intelligent boy who is imaginative in creating playthings, which he refers to as his ‘inventions’ and building with Legos. Ezra’s other interests include drawing, swimming, riding his bike, and writing about cats. One of his most valued possessions is his stuffed toy cat. Ezra is also a fan of Spider-Man and anything to do with Star Wars. He likes getting hugs from the significant adults in his life and is appropriately affectionate in return. While Ezra has challenging special needs, he has a very soft heart, and despite some of his more difficult behaviors, he actually has several friends. Recently, he called his social worker to ask if it was okay to give his stuffed toy giraffe to a friend.

Ezra does well in the community with an adult nearby; he is very respectful to others. He oftentimes is socially awkward but it doesn’t really show to those around him. He appears to be loyal to the people he cares about – his mom and his maternal grandmother. Ezra is outgoing, funny and smart and really enjoys making others laugh.

Ezra, who came into foster care in mid 2014, is currently residing at a therapeutic group home where a treatment team of counselors and childcare specialists have created a treatment plan of services and resources to address his special needs and to prepare him for a foster-adopt family. His long-term medication therapy, which helps him to navigate the challenges of his daily life, continues to be an important component of this treatment program. Ezra also wears a weighted vest which has a calming effect on him.

Now in 7th grade, Ezra does really well in school. He is really fascinated with animals, and wants to learn all about them! He’s very smart and works well independently. He attends class at his current residential treatment center, with an IEP for behaviors.

Although Ezra is small for his age and can appear younger than his chronological age due to his mild speech articulation difficulties and language delays, his cognitive abilities are solidly in the average range. He does, though, have significant delays in the areas of executive functioning. Some of his most challenging issues are his long-standing pattern of inattention, impulsivity, low tolerance for frustration, and defiance. Some of Ezra’s difficulties look much like the behavior of children on the autistic spectrum. Ezra does best when he has a calm, caring adult nearby to redirect him as needed. While Ezra’s special needs are believed to be related to the trauma of his early years which occurred amidst chronic neglect, parental mental health issues, inconsistent living situations, and multiple caregivers, there may also be some biological influences.

Ezra’s social worker wants to hear from couples and single parents who have experience through parenting, teaching, counseling, or providing childcare to children with behavioral challenges. Of course, Ezra needs very stable environments at home and at school that provide a consistent daily routine with very attentive supervision; simple, concrete rules and limits; and lots of calm, patient, and kind parenting and teaching. Being strong advocates for educational, mental health, and community resources will be an important aspect of meeting Ezra’s needs. Having a strong support system of family, friends, and community resources will be a wonderful asset in helping Ezra’s adoptive parent(s) be committed to him now and in the future. It will be important, too, for Ezra’s adoptive parent(s) to have the willingness to seek out parenting resources for themselves and to have access to respite care.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Ezra or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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