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13 years

ID# WB8734
Those who know Daniel best tell us that he is a boy who loves hands-on activities: Legos, electronics, science toys and lab projects, and his iPad. Other activities that Daniel enjoys are climbing trees, riding his bike, playing math-related games and other board games, puzzles (the more pieces the better!), and playing video games. He has fun coloring and knitting, too! Daniel likes being active and loves sports; his favorites are basketball, football, and baseball.
Daniel has a very active sense of curiosity, a great sense of humor and a dry wit. Tests have indicated that he’s a very bright child in some areas. He loves to read and is a good reader! Daniel is good at following rules and works well when negotiating compromises. Although Daniel is younger developmentally than his chronological age, his worker tells us that he has several strengths for his adoptive family to encourage and build upon.
Set to begin 8th grade in the fall of 2017, Daniel does well in a small classroom environment for most of his day, where he gets the supports he needs to help him be successful. He has great fun participating in a woodworking class! A concrete learner and thinker who tends to see things in black and white, his school program will continue to provide academic and behavioral supports, social skills building, and friendship training that will help him to be his best. Having an adoptive family who will encourage him and be his biggest educational advocates would be a great boost for Daniel.
Home and school environments which provide highly consistent daily routines; minimize distractions and stimulation; provide clear, concrete, simple rules, expectations, limits, and consequences, and a significant amount of individualized attention help the significant adults in Daniel’s life to more effectively support his day-to-day life. Repetition is important for Daniel, and he does best with repetitive, step-by-step instructions to complete tasks, especially those that are complex. Daniel benefits greatly by having a caring adult nearby on the home front, at school, and at play to calmly and patiently redirect him on the spot as needed.
Daniel’s worker especially wants to hear from warm, easygoing, nurturing, committed couples, who have the knowledge and skills to parent, teach and encourage children with some special learning needs. Daniel will do well as the only child in the home, or with older siblings. If your family has the desire to make a real difference in the life of a boy who longs to have a family that will not give up on him, please contact us soon. Daniel will thrive in your care!

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Daniel or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information. 

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