16 Years

ID # WB8620

Sixteen-year-old Travis has an inquisitive nature about him. He has a wonderful imagination and likes to learn how things work. Travis understands and can relate well when things are explained to him. He strives to do well in school and really enjoys going. He has worked hard to learn appropriate ways of relating to others and is justifiably very proud of the progress he has made in this area. Travis has a bubbly personality and energetic way of speaking, though he often needs prompts to begin conversations. Once Travis gets talking about a subject he is interested in, his whole face will light up and he will begin exuberantly sharing his thoughts. He has a great sense of humor that is fun to be around and his sweet smile and happy disposition are frequently observed by many.

Travis’ forever family will be able to enjoy Travis’ bright and friendly personablity. A busy, yet not overly active family would be a good match. The family will need to provide clear expectations and boundaries, close supervision, and a structured lifestyle. They will also need to be patient with Travis as he transitions into their home, as he has endured significant trauma in his past. Travis is resilient and has overcome a lot throughout his time in foster care. He has a positive outlook and has displayed great patience in the search for finding his forever family. However, Travis has waited too long… it’s his turn to shine!


If you are interested in in providing nurturing and love for Travis or any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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