8 Years

ID# WB8440

Angel has a beautiful smile and infectious laugh. He loves being around people. Angel is happiest when spoken and sung to and he is a huge fan of having his face painted. He enjoys art, music and interactive play. Angel was born prematurely at 26 weeks. As a result his medical issues require him to be dependent on others for his care. He receives all nutrition via a gastronomy tube and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Although Angel is non verbal, he communicates his feelings clearly. When upset he will grimace or kick his foot. When Angel is happy he shines. His face glows with a dazzling smile and he will purse his lips to blow a kiss. Angel attends a special education school and receives services which include a multi-sensory approach for his personal growth and development. His favorite activities include art and play time. He also enjoys mirror play, being outdoors and watching movies. In the classroom, Angel is visually attentive to his surroundings and can track objects and people. He participates in classroom activities by using switch activated toys. He turns to sound and enjoys music related activities. He is able to hold items placed in his hands by using a universal cuff. The ideal family for Angel is one that is patient, loving and willing to advocate for his medical, physical and educational needs.

To adopt Angel or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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