We began with happy endings in mind.


Languishing for years in the foster care system, not belonging to anyone and frequent relocation are harsh realities for children with special needs. They often feel unloved, unwanted, undeserving and isolated. More often than not, they are afraid to reach out to anyone, to trust, or to believe in or consider a future. For those who remain un-adopted, the crushing heartache they experience affects their entire being for the rest of their life.

Adopt America Network is doing all it can to reverse this heartwrenching trend. And one child at a time, we are making a difference. We are unique in the fact that we have a network of adoption specialists spread across the nation. These trained volunteers are all parents of adopted children with special needs. They are not only willing to teach other families about adopting, but eager to help each child find the right home as soon as possible.

We’re beyond thrilled to share our success stories. It’s a chance to see the joys of families who have adopted children, as well as how adoption transforms the lives of the children themselves. Just click below to explore.


Giving Back to the Child that Changed Our Lives

It is Christmas Every Day
A Christmas Wish Come True
A Family Where They Can Be Kids
Blessed Through Adoption in So Many Ways
Celebrating the Life of Derek
We Will Love You Until the End of Time
In Our Home & Our Hearts
Large Family We Always Wanted
Loved Right Away
Our Family Is Now Complete
A True Success Story
Thriving Beyond Expectations
You Can Make Miracles Happen

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