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Wendy’s to Present Check to Adopt America Network
This past July, Wendy’s supported adoption locally, one brick at a time.    As a thank you to all of the customers who made a donation to Adopt America Network’s brick sale Wendy’s will be presenting a check for $10,920 to Adopt America Network on Wednesday, August 27th  at 9 a.m.  The check presentation will take place at Wendy’s 26630 N. Dixie Hwy in Perrysburg, OH. From July 1 through July 30, select Wendy’s restaurants in Northwest Ohio were striving to raise $5,000, the cost to adopt one child into a loving and permanent family.   The restaurants more than doubled their goal by raising $10,920, the approximate cost to adopt two children into loving and permanent homes.  To reach this goal, local Wendy’s restaurants sold paper “sandcastle bricks” for $1 during the month of July.  To add to the fundraising efforts, Wendy’s hosted one of their famous car shows.   All proceeds benefited the Adopt America Network, located in Toledo, Ohio. Adopt America is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of adoptable children throughout the United States who are in the foster care system, by placing them with permanent, loving families.  Despite the fact that we live in one of the most fortunate nations in the world, there are 107,000 children in the U.S. foster care system waiting to be adopted. Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, was adopted as a child.  He was an advocate for children in foster care and was committed to raising awareness of children who are waiting for permanent homes and loving families in North America.  He founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a nonprofit public charity dedicated to increasing adoptions of children in North America’s foster care system.  The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption works in collaboration locally with the Adopt America Network to increase the number of adoptions in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Save The Adoption Tax Credit


Grassroots Advocacy Campaign


Key Message: Dont give up! Members of Congress and their staffs have very busy schedules. Each day they are contacted by hundreds of people who want to communicate the importance of a different policy concern. Sometimes it takes more than one communication to get their attention. If you have reached out to your Members of Congress and haven’t had a response, don’t be afraid to try again.   Highlighted FAQ: I already reached out to my legislators and have not heard back. What can I do to ensure that my future communications receive a response?
  • While Congressional offices often can’t respond to each and every communication they receive, what is most important is maintaining the contact and doing it in a variety of ways. If you haven’t already, reach out to your Members via email, phone and social media. Also consider reaching out to the staff member who handles tax issues directly or trying to catch the member face-to-face while they are back in the district. Feel free to email the working group at if you would like additional tips for effective outreach.
Calls to Action: Continuing Outreach - If you've contacted your Members of Congress about protecting the adoption tax credit and making it refundable, please encourage others to take action, too! As we know, there are power in numbers. Please use social media or other means to encourage your friends and family to engage in similar outreach. The more Members of Congress hear about an issue, the more likely they are to act. If you haven't contacted your members yet, click here to craft a simple message and send it automatically to your members—it's quick and easy! Please help us spread the word and encourage other to do so too!   In-Person Outreach - Consider scheduling a face-to-face meeting with your Members of Congress or their staff to talk about adoption issues. You can generally request a meeting through a form on their websites, either in DC or in a local office. Alternatively, consider attending a Town Hall or public event that your Members host and use it as an opportunity to talk about adoption issues. To find this sort of event, call your local offices, check their public calendars and/or follow them on social media/email lists for announcements about upcoming public appearances.

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