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AAN Founder Richard K. Ransom Passes
ransom   Mr. Ransom started AAN in 1983 and his legacy will live on through the lives of all of the children he helped to grow up in safe, loving homes with families who cared deeply about them. He will be missed by many. Click here for the link to his Obituary.


10 Ways to Get Involved with Adopt America NetworkBuilding Families

Roses are Red, and Violets are Blue. Let’s spread the love between Adopt America and you <3

glass city marathon1. Are you a runner? Love relays? Or just want to be involved in a community event? Well you can now register for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon that’s happening on April 24th and support your local charities including us!

2. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (yes we have an Instagram!)

This is the quickest and easiest way to see what we are up to. By the way, We <3 Facebook and that new “DONATE” feature We have to agree that social media is so CONVENIENT!fb and twitter

3. Did you know that if you use a Kroger card that you can participate in their community rewards program? All you have to do is designate Adopt America as your local nonprofit and shop! Isn’t that easy?!

4. We sometimes like to keeping things old fashioned! Come on in and visit us at 3100 W. Central Ave Suite 225. We are always looking for volunteers or new ways to stay engaged with our communityold fashioned

5. Amazon is the best place to do your online shopping! Want to know why? If you use you can shop all things on Amazon while 0.5% of your purchase will come right back to Adopt America! Choose us as your charity when shopping and we can then spread that love right back into the families of our children.

6. It's great to know that employers use work giving programs! If you are a government employee, you can designate Adopt America Network as your charity to contribute to! We can't be more grateful to be able to build families and change lives all over the U.S.

love, bandit7. “Entering foster care is traumatic and confusing for children. Our goal is providing comfort for the child and resources for foster parents. The program will provide the book, Love Bandit, and a cuddly raccoon to children coming into care. Heart 2 Heart Resources and the Adopt America Network are partnering to make this opportunity available to children entering into foster care in Northwest Ohio.” – Virginia Ulch Please take the time to share and donate to such a great collaboration in efforts to spread love to all children in foster care: You can also purchase the book, Love Bandit !

8. Thinking of warmer weather this February! In just a few months spring will be here which means we will be that much closer to the Marathon Classic! Our favorite golfing event. Be a part of our volunteer team or you can purchase tickets to golf. Either way you designate us as a charity you would like your proceeds to go to!

9. Please stay tuned as we start to gear up for our 31st Very Special Annual Dinner and Auction. We would love to have you as our guest! You can also be a part of the planning. Have an eye for details or know of some items that can be auctioned? Come join us.logo

10. Thank you for giving us your time to share the way we build families from the heart. You can always find information about getting involved on our website: We look forward to spending more time with you <3

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