Zaden, Johnathon & Gianna

8880 - A-C - Zaden, Johnathon, Gianna - WA - Photo

12, 8 & 6 years

ID#MS8880 A-C

Meet Zaden Johnathon and Gianna who are eager to be adopted together!

Zaden, who is extremely intelligent, has previously been chosen along with other top students to be in a classroom program, called High Cap, that is geared for children who need advanced academic challenges. A fast talker, Zaden tends to speak even more quickly when excited. He has a big vocabulary, too. While Zaden enjoys playing video games, reading has become a favorite activity and a positive way to lessen frustrations and stress as they arise.

Zaden has been participating in Boy Scouts where he enjoys the activities and opportunities to make social connections. Social interactions are challenging for Zaden so Boy Scouts offers a great environment for him to develop ways to interact and form workable viable connections with peers and with adults.

Johnathon is a sweet, loving, spirited child. A rough and tumble boy, who seems to be interacting well with others, he loves to play outside (climbing trees, building forts) and playing sports. He has great fun, too, at the YMCA and enjoys their overnight camps. A favorite activity at his daycare is going to a local park to play. Johnathon also enjoys video games, and watching cartoons and children’s movies on TV with Gianna. Johnathon does need attentive supervision as he tends to get into all sorts of things.

Johnathon has good communication skills for his age and is academically at or above grade level in school.

Gianna is an adorable little girl who is sweet and loving. She is very responsive to nurturing attention especially from maternal figures. Gianna is a great little communicator and really likes to talk! Some of her favorite pastimes include playing with her Barbie dolls, and going to the park to play. Gianna has made friends at daycare and at school and is doing well in both environments.

Gianna loves going to school and is at grade level academically and behaviorally.

As mentioned above, the children’s social worker particularly wants to hear from families who have the desire to adopt Zaden, Johnathon, and Gianna, and who have the skills to meet each child’s individual needs. While Zaden is placed separately, he loves his siblings dearly and Johnathon and Gianna think he is a great big brother and look up to him. Sibling visits are important to give these darling kids time to play and connect with one another and have fun.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Zaden, Johnathon and Gianna or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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