12 years

ID# MG9064

Bright and social, Jackie can strike up a conversation about anything with anyone! She has many friends who enjoy her wonderful spirit, very outgoing personality and her great sense of humor. Jackie expresses herself well and is not shy about letting others know what’s on her mind. Jackie is smart, and does very well academically. She is self-motivated to do well and achieve her aspirations. Her future goals include attending college, where she is interested in exploring the medical field. Jackie is very fond of animals, and would especially love to have a dog in her adoptive family! She is also always up for trying new things, and she will appreciate parent(s) who will encourage her to explore new experiences, activities and interests.

Jackie enjoys Native American cultural events where she enjoys drumming, canoeing, and participating in other activities. It will be important for her adoptive family to help her stay connected to her culutural heritage. Some other favorite activities are playing fast pitch baseball, as well as volleyball and soccer. Jackie enjoys family camping and fishing, and riding her bike, and will appreciate an active adoptive family. Summertime just might be her favorite time of year in part because of summer camp! She has attended the same girls’ camp for the past 8 years, and really looks forward to being part of the camp community.

Jackie is benefiting from her participation in counseling. She appreciates having a space where she can share her thoughts and feelings, and talk about and positively process her past and present experiences. She has shared that she feels especially comfortable with female caregivers who provide her with choices to help her feel a sense of control and empowerment in her daily life.

Jackie has close bonds with her sisters. She will be counting on her adoptive parents to help her to maintain these important connections.

Jackie has much to share with her adoptive family! Her worker especially wants to hear from nurturing two-mom or single-mom families who have a good repertoire of behavioral tool and strategies and positive parenting skills to parent, mentor and encourage. If you would welcome the opportunity to share and grow with Jackie who is already thinking about her plans and goals for the future, we want to hear from you soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jackalyn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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