14 years

ID# WB9063

James is a bright, intelligent, and creative boy. He is a great storyteller who imbues his writings with his creativity and great sense of humor. He enjoys movies too, and with his storytelling inclinations with a little encouragement from his adoptive family who knows where that could lead! In addition to writing, he loves music and was very excited about being in choir. James also likes being active and enjoys going to the gym for a workout. Attending church on Sundays is important to James, and something he would like to share with his family.

Currently in middle school, James is capable of achieving above-average grades when he has the supports in place that help him to do his best. He’s very proud of the good work he’s been doing lately; and excited that his hard work in his classes has made it possible to do extracurricular activities, like singing tenor in the school choir. He appreciates having some extra supports that help him focus on what he needs to do and organize his work. He especially values having one-on-one attention from his teachers.

James continues to benefit from participating in counseling. He has a good relationship with his counselor and enjoys meeting with him as he continues to focus on developing positive ways of processing his feelings of frustration and stress in positive ways, and continues to improve how he interacts with others. It will be beneficial for James to continue with counseling support, especially as he settles into his new family.
James has a positive and supportive connection with a member of his biological family. James will be counting on his adoptive family to help him maintain this significant connection in the coming years.
James would love to share his stories and his many interests with his adoptive family! If you are a family that would love to parent and mentor this creative boy and encourage him to build upon his strengths, you may be a good fit for James. His worker looks forward to hearing from couples and single dads who want to learn more about James!

Click here for a video about James!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for James or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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