11 years

ID# MG9061

Compassionate and empathetic toward others, Kariyah is a special girl with a strong sentimental side. Kariyah has a fun, quirky personality and a positive attitude most of the time. She is described by those who know her best as a good communicator, and a social girl who enjoys spending time with others. Creative writing is one of her strengths, and while she generally talks openly, she has also found that journaling can be a great way for her to process her thoughts and problem-solve.

Kariyah is very athletic and enjoys playing sports. She is very skilled at volleyball, and is also interested in other sports. She likes riding her bike, and most outdoor activities. Kariyah spends much of her time engaged in music and dancing. She plays the flute, and she loves listening to pop music. She is skilled at creating dance routines to music and is very interested in movement in groups, such as team step routines. Having an adoptive family who would encourage her as she explores her talents in these creative areas could be wonderful for Kariyah!

Kariyah has been engaged in counseling and has found it to be very beneficial as she works to learn positive ways to process her feelings, and reduce feelings of stress. Having adoptive parent(s) who will support using such resources will be important, especially as she is settling into her new family. Adoptive parent(s) who will give Kariyah the time she needs to build trust that they will truly be there for her, will be key.

Next fall, Kariyah will be in 6th grade. While a bit behind academically, she is very capable of working at grade level, which she has demonstrated. Having parents who will continue to encourage her academically, and see that she has any supports she needs to help her achieve her goals and be successful could be a great boost.

Kariyah has strong bonds with three siblings. She will be counting on her adoptive parent(s) help in maintaining these important connections in some way.

Kariyah has a lot to share with her adoptive parent(s)! If you are a single mom or couple who would welcome the opportunity to grow with Kariyah, her worker will want to talk with you. She sees herself in an adoptive family who shares her cultural heritage, and would prefer an African American family (or other ethnic minority/mixed race family). Patient, nurturing single moms and couples who have a repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies and positive parenting skills to enhance parenting will be a wonderful asset. Having a good understanding of the residual effects of children with a history of trauma will be important. While she could do well as an only child, Kariyah would benefit from having one or two siblings around her age or older. To learn more about Kariyah, contact us soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Kariyah or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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