11 Years


Maya is a very creative girl who has a love for music, singing, and expressing herself, through art and writing. She is well-liked by everyone, peers and adults alike. Maya is very bright, an avid reader, and enjoys school! Now in 6th grade, Maya has a lot to be proud of academically. She had a very successful 5th grade year, and is right on track educationally. Having an adoptive family to support her continued success in school, and celebrate her talents and achievements, would be wonderful for Maya.

Maya is most successful with a very structured, consistent daily routine with firm, clear rules, and limits, both at home and at school. She does best when rules and consequences have been discussed with her in advance; involving her in this process is helpful. She does well when she has an attentive, caring adult to redirect and cue her to stay on track.

Maya is benefiting from participating in group and individual counseling. She is working on developing tools and strategies to help her positively process and express her feelings and emotions. Recently, Maya has really engaged in her therapy and is a motivated and active participant in making changes that will help her be most successful. Maya feels very comfortable with her therapist and is working well with her. Given her love for dogs and horses, Maya may also benefit from participating in canine or equine therapy. Encouraging Maya’s participation in the expressive, healing outlets that she enjoys could be another way her adoptive family can help her continue to make positive changes.

Her social worker is looking forward to hearing from single moms and couples who have experience and positive parenting skills that will help them connect with Maya. Having family support and being involved in community resources will be important. Adoptive parent(s) who share Maya’s enthusiasm for music and artistic expression could be a wonderful fit. If you are a family who would welcome the opportunity to grow and learn with Maya, as she becomes a valued and beloved member of your family, please contact us soon.


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Maya or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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