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Dulce is a gentle spirit, who loves art, especially drawing, and writing. She has found writing about her experiences very helpful in processing her thoughts and emotions. Dulce, who has a great sense of humor, can be a very pleasant companion. She’s doing very well with her foster family and loves living on their mini-farm. Given her love for animals, she welcomes having time to spend with the farm animals, too. She is also thrilled to have the opportunity to participate at an equine rescue center.

Dulce is a teenager who does best with lots of positive attention. What motivates her most is having the significant adults in her life regularly notice and acknowledge the efforts she is making to move forward in her emotional and behavioral growth and to focus on improving her academic school participation. The progress that she is enjoying in her current placement is due in part to her caregivers letting her know how much they value her and her efforts to do well.

Dulce values her independence, and she wants a family who can appreciate her existing support system that has been so important to her since coming into care. A family that would support her heritage and development, too, as she heads toward adulthood would be a great fit for her. While Dulce identifies most readily with her Hispanic roots, she is thoroughly integrated into her tribal community and is welcome to take part in all tribal activities. Very motivated to work and contribute, Dulce wants to participate in the work program on the reservation during summers. As for her future career goals, she has recently expressed a strong interest in becoming a counselor.

When motivated, Dulce is a good student and completes classroom and homework assignments. In her current placement, Dulce’s school performance has improved nicely. She is currently working toward making up the credits she needs to graduate on time by taking a full day of classes this year. Dulce is sensitive to others and enjoys helping those in need. Next semester at school she will be a teacher’s assistant in a classroom with significantly disabled students.

She could benefit from having parents that will provide her with opportunities to explore her own existing interests, in school and out, and perhaps introduce her to new positive activities, interests and ideas.

Family is important to Dulce, and she wants her adoptive parent(s) to be supportive of existing relationships that mean a great deal to her. She has developed strong bonds with her foster family and will appreciate an adoptive family that will help her stay connected to them, and to her siblings.

Given her growing sense of independence, it will be important for Dulce’s adoptive family to include her in setting up house rules and giving her limited choices so that she feels a sense of control in her life. House rules could include chores, dating, and such.

Dulce has benefitted from participating through the Native American youth program in the past which she says was helpful. She needs a family that will take pride in her heritage and see that she has opportunities to participate regularly in her Native American culture and development. She would very much prefer to remain in the state of Washington, so strong preference will be given to local families. A family that values a healthy lifestyle would be in Dulce’s best interest in contributing to her maintaining good health. Parents who will encourage and support her work ethic and her academic abilities and goals would be a great fit for Dulce. A teen with aspirations, Dulce, who wants to use what she’s experienced so far in her life to help others, is ready for the right family to help her realize her dreams and help her continue to grow and move forward.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Dulce or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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