14 years


Lee is an outgoing, active girl who is very creative with artistic talents and skills that include singing, writing poetry and songs, playing guitar, and sketching. Sketching, particularly, has become an important therapeutic tool that can help her feel calm and centered. Lee’s creativity is also expressed in her continuing participation in a performing arts program which celebrates and honors African American culture. She’s a bit of a fashionista too, and finds clothing and accessories to be another fun way to express herself and create her own special style.

In the past, she has had lots of fun participating in talent shows with other kids her age. She also enjoys attending a Bible study group and singing in the church choir. Lee tells her social worker that she wants to be a singer and dancer when she grows up! Lee is quite curious about people and how they live and about their life stories, especially if their story is anything like hers. Lee is most responsive to adults who use praise and other positive reinforcements to engage her and to gain her trust and cooperation. Lee is very fond of family pets.

After her adoption is finalized, Lee hopes that her adoptive family will be open to assisting her in reconnecting with some of her birth family relatives, especially her older sister and her niece and nephew. Honoring the connection to her sister and her family will help Lee to establish trust and to bond with her new family.
Lee wears glasses regularly to help correct a crossed eye condition. Her eye specialist is recommending that Lee get contact lenses when she is 18 which should help to further correct the condition.
In the fall of 2016, Lee will be in 9th grade. Lee’s request to be allowed to attend an alternative school several months ago has greatly improved her behavior and academic outcomes for the past school year. PE is her favorite subject and she also likes math.
Lee is making gains in developing behavioral tools and strategies to manage her feelings in healthy ways, and would appreciate having adoptive parents who will help her continue to build positive social and problem solving skills with peers. Lee feels most safe and secure when she has a high level of structure and one-on-one attention at home and at school. Lee longs to be just a “normal kid” with a family of her own; she says that she is even willing to move out of state for a good match.
Lee’s social worker wants to hear from prospective adoptive couples and single moms who will take pride in her heritage and help her to feel connected to her African American roots.
Lee wants to have nurturing adoptive parent(s) who will use positive parenting tools and strategies and good humor to help her realize her potential and to provide the healthy, positive outlets she needs to focus her attention and energy. Lee would especially like to have a family that will give her a voice in setting up house rules and consequences. If you are a family who will enjoy and support this highly creative, artistic teenager in realizing her full potential and help her to capitalize on her many talents, you will want to learn more about Lee!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Lee or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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