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13 years

ID# MG8790

Destini is an appealing, outgoing and charming girl. A social butterfly who is very animated and expressive, Destini has a flair for the dramatic. She loves music and her favorite artist is Taylor Swift. Destini also loves dancing and has already taken dance classes. She would now love to have the opportunity to take ballet. An avid reader, her literary interests include Junie B. Jones, American Girl, Nancy Drew, and The Baby-Sitters Club. Other interests are cheerleading and horseback riding. Destini also enjoys watching TV and movies and is a big fan of anything presented by the Disney or Nickelodeon channels.
Destini has proven to be a resilient girl who has had the ability to flourish despite all the trauma and chaos in her young life. She wants to be successful and really applies herself to her middle school program and in her mental health therapy. She does best when she’s given time to process things, when she receives positive reinforcement, and has a consistent daily routine to follow.
Academically on track, Destini enjoys learning. Her favorite subjects are Science and Reading. Her love of reading and her incredible memory are wonderful academic strengths. In the fall of 2015, Destini will begin her eighth grade year. Currently, she attends a small, self-contained classroom on the campus of her therapeutic group home where she is benefitting from having the emotional and behavioral supports of an IEP. Past school reports reveal that Destini is an outgoing, personable child who continues to work on being able to express her feelings of frustration, stress, fear, and anger in acceptable ways rather than acting them out. The residual effects of her significant trauma history, which include vivid flashbacks and intrusive thoughts, interfere with her sense of well-being and safety and can impact her ability to focus and be attentive in the classroom and elsewhere.
Destini has been in counseling most of her time in foster care. Her therapy has focused on emotional regulation, anger management, empathy building, problem solving, and making good chocies and decisions. Another focus of her therapy is to process her feelings of grief and loss, and fear of further abandonment. After a recent adoption disruption, her therapy is moving more towards attachment building. An important component of Destini’s treatment program is medication therapy to help manage her attention difficulties, restless energy, and emotional and behavioral issues associated with past trauma.
Destini wants to reconnect with her brother who resides in a separate foster home placement. They have not had much contact over the past year.
Because Destini’s life experiences have left her fearful of emotional closeness, the idea of adoption is scary for her. When placed in a permanent home setting, she tends to regress emotionally and behaviorally. She has told her special recruitment social worker that she wants to live in a family setting first before moving into an adoptive placement. Her recruitment team wants to find a family willing to start out as a foster placement and slowly move into adoption to allow Destini time to trust and to begin the hard work of healing. Destini needs a family who understands attachment difficulties and the impact of early trauma on children. She needs a family who can see that her rejection of them may actually be a sign that she’s attaching and who can give her the space she needs to develop an attachment at her own pace.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Destini or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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