8744 - Starlight - WA - Photo


15 years

ID# MG8744


Star is a spunky girl with a great smile and a huge, infectious laugh! She is very pointed in letting her team know that she “doesn’t want to keep moving around!” So, we are eager to find her an adoptive family!

Some of Star’s favorite activities are coloring, drawing, beading, playing games, listening to music and watching TV. Frozen is one of Star’s favorites; she loves the movie, video games and all of the music.  Another big favorite is Justin Bieber and boy bands like One Direction. Except for skunks, Star loves animals! Star, who is able to ride the bus to school independently, says she would love to earn the privilege of going to the park on her own one day! Star enjoys crafts and drawing, and is having a ball learning to knit. Lately, Star has been open to trying new foods.

Star’s interactions are much like those of a five-year-old child. Star thrives on attention and loves spending time with adults who are goofy and have fun joking around. She can be a practical joker which provides for some great learning opportunities.


In school, Star is placed in high school, which allows her to take advantage of special resources to address her cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral, speech, and motor needs, as well as her auditory sensitivity.


At home and at school, it is important for star to have a caring adult nearby to cue, coach, and redirect her when needed.

Star tends to be most responsive to adults who interact with her in calm, matter-of-fact ways, who have a huge amount of patience, and who are able to be nonjudgmental as they explain in simple, concrete language when her behavior is not okay and the reasons why. Repetition is Star’s friend and one of the ways that she is able to learn and retain information.

Her adoptive folks, of course, will need to be strong advocates for educational, vocational, and developmental services and resources throughout her life. To help Star be successful in her adoptive family, her worker wants to hear from single moms and couples where Star can be an only child or the youngest of much older siblings – siblings who are behaviorally and socially healthy and responsible could be a great gift to Star!  If you think you could be Star’s adoptive family, please contact us! Star is currently in an environment that can help her with a successful transition into adulthood; she needs an adoptive family that can help her prepare for that journey as well.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Starlight or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information. 


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